At the temple ruins in Ayutthaya, Thailand.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Khao Yai National Park, Thailand on December 13th.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

"But it's a dry heat" they said...

This part of Texas is having a bit of a heat wave. The forecast high yesterday was 99F (37C), and I think it pretty much got there. Kinda strange when it was only about three weeks ago they were below freezing with snow flurries!

"But it's a dry heat" they said. And that's true. But it's still frickin' hot!

Even with the heat, we managed to get out for a 3 mile (5 km) walk in the morning. It sort of reminded us of being out hiking in Namibia when it was so hot there.

Out for a walk.

The nearest neighbor's place.
No problem social distancing here!

Even the cows are trying to stay in the shade.

But, our motorhomes are not parked in any shade, and at one point I saw Sherman's indoor thermometer reading 36.4C (98F). So the rest of the day was an indoor day.

The ranch house here isn't currently being lived in. They have fixed it up and plan to rent it out to hunters in the fall. We have been using the bathroom facilities in the house, but otherwise have only been going in for that and to use the washing machine.

But, it is air conditioned so that is where we spent the rest of the day.

Denise is fortunate that she travels with her own hairdresser!

Good day for a cut and color!

After that, they kept busy with a jigsaw puzzle.

At happy hour, we hooked the laptop up to the big screen TV and showed Bob and Denise the photos from our Yukon trip two years ago. They want to go up there at some point as well. It was fun looking at them, but we only got about half way through. We took a lot of photos on that trip!

Kind of an odd sunset.

The sunset was a bit odd. The rest of the sky was totally clear, except for this one big dark cloud. And you could tell it was a rain cloud, and we could see some lightning as well. I looked it up on the weather map, and sure enough there was a tiny storm going on about 50 miles (80 kms) west of here.

Today, only a forecast high of 91F (33C)... so a little cooler! 

Today's photos were all taken with my new phone. Just testing things out.

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And in Canada...


  1. Nice that you were able to get a Hike in for exercise but find a way to beat the heat in the afternoon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the solitude with friends.

    I's about time.

    1. We have the best of both worlds here! Staying at the ranch has really worked out well for us and we have helped out Arin looking after Jack, Cisco and Sage with their feedings as Arin has been very busy branding at her boyfriend's ranch the past few days.

  2. The weather in western Canada is great or as we say it is " Goldylocks ". Except for Ft. Mac with the flood. It should be over this week but not the devastation and cleanup.

    1. I have never heard of the term "Goldylocks" when referring to the weather.

      Yes, we have seen and heard about the flooding up in Fort McMurray and it is sad to see them having to struggle through yet another natural disaster. :-(

  3. We broke the record for April when the temperature hit 102 degrees. I missed the heat so was out there doing yard work in back yard with swim suit on to get some tan. Then sat in the swing sipping on a cool drink for about half an hour and time to come in to shower and cool off.

    1. That is hot weather to working outside in it, I am glad that you enjoyed it though.

  4. I'm getting really close to needing my ears lowered, no color needed though...
    I'm hoping my barberette will be able to do wonders, when I give her a call....
    70's here the past two weeks, nice-sweet weather...

    1. I am sure that you aren't the only one feeling that way. The barbers and hairdressers/stylists are going to be very busy once they are able to start doing hair again.

      Sounds like you weather is pretty much perfect! :-)


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