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Friday, May 15, 2020

And this is why I love Amazon...

Pretty nice spot we have here in Santa Fe National Forest. The temperature is perfect with highs around 75F (24C) with blue skies and sunshine, and comfortable overnight lows of around 55F (12C).

Oh, and there are no bugs.


Add to that, the fact that we are surrounded by miles and miles of hiking and biking opportunities.

We took advantage of one of those opportunities yesterday and got the bikes ready and headed out on one of the forest service roads...

This area had a bad forest fire back in 2011.

We sat and had a rest and a snack here.

Back at Sherman right in time for lunch. We had only done about 6 miles (10 kms), but the road was bumpy and there were quite a few hills! It was a good workout with lots of fresh air and sunshine. 

Didn't see a single other person the whole time we were gone.

Western bluebird.

Just relaxed for the afternoon. Did some reading and had a snooze.

So, remember that I bought a new phone a couple of weeks ago? It's a Motorola G7 Power, and it came with a "Turbo" charging unit. Well, I love the phone itself, and the Turbo charging unit puts a large amount of energy into the battery in a very short period of time.

But a week or so ago it didn't seem to be doing that any more. I tried charging something else (it's just a standard USB outlet) and it didn't charge either.


I looked up the charging unit and it is available as a stand alone item for $13.

I contacted Amazon by chat and asked what my options were. I explained that I loved the phone and didn't want to have to send the whole thing back, and I explained that I could simply buy the charging unit separately, but I didn't think that I should have to.

"No problem", the guy says. He simply credited by account by $13 plus tax and told me to go ahead and order the item.

And this is why I love Amazon. Their customer service can't be beat.

We're off for a hike this morning. I think we'll stay another night!


And in Canada...


  1. No one out because we are all told to stay home due to virus. RVers are the only ones moving around it seems. So, it's a good thing no one is around :-)

    1. Not true, we see lots of vehicles out and quite a number of people going hiking or biking, they just aren't on the trails we pick because we pick ones that are out in the middle of nowhere. Also no all states have the "stay at home" order in place anymore.

  2. Nice to be able to get in exercising without worrying about meeting others.
    Good deal with Amazon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the area.

    It's about time.

    1. It is very nice to be able to do that. :-)

  3. If you didn't have the benefit of your experience, what would be your top 2 go-to sites/books to find free or low cost camping spots?

    1. I use two different phone apps. iOverlander is free, and Ultimate Campgrounds costs a couple of dollars.

      But, they are just a guide.

  4. Good deal on the phone and the charger. You guys are in a great spot. What a way to relax!

    1. Thanks Chris! Kevin is really likes his new phone, and for the price it is hard to go wrong.

      We think it is a great spot as well but today it is time to move on.

  5. I use amazon as well, but I am starting to reconsider. They are really screwing their employees right now, one of their main exectives has recently quit in disgust. Considering their business has skyrocketed right now, they should be acting as a better corporate citizen. These days it more important to support your local businesses who are suffering big time, rather than putting money into the pockets of a corporate giant, even if it costs a bit more. Small local businesses are going under and deserve our support. Amazon to me at this time, is the vendor of last resort. Buy local.

  6. What a gorgeous place for a bike ride! I am sure those hills were a challenging workout, but what fun. I have mixed feelings about Amazon. I am in agreement with Paul, who posted above, about some of their corporate policies. However, when we are supposed to be sheltering at home and with so many stores and businesses closed, it is wonderful to have the option to have specialty items delivered right to our door. I support local businesses as much as possible, but it isn't always practical, and they don't always have what I need. Just ordered two large bags of organic spices today (Ceylon cinnamon and Ginger) from Amazon as I couldn't find either in bulk and organic at any local stores.

    1. We really enjoyed our bike ride and yes, it was a bit challenging at times but we needed the exercise, lol. :-)

      We like Amazon and for our style of life it works well for us. Like any job, if you don't like the working conditions or the money then you either don't take the job or you quit and find another one, that is what we have always done with any job that we have had through life. Right now I think there are a lot of people out there that would be happy to have any job. Having said that we do feel bad for any of the small local businesses because most of them have been closed anyways, so even if you wanted to buy from them you couldn't.


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