Out for a walk beside the Ottawa River in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading to Nova Scotia around August 1st.

Friday, May 8, 2020

3 states at the same time!

Beautiful morning for a bike ride.

Denise and Bob don't have bicycles with them (yet!) so they decided to do the 9 mile (15 km) return walk to the "3 corners" where Oklahoma, Colorado, and New Mexico meet. Ruth and I left after they did because we were doing it by bicycle... with a plan to get there about the same time.

No traffic, and no people... for miles....

Great road for bike riding!

Ruth, in 3 states at the same time!

Ruth in Oklahoma... me in Colorado!

Ruth in New Mexico... me in Oklahoma!
The funny thing about this shot... Ruth is in a different time zone!

Bob in Oklahoma... Denise in Colorado.

We rode our bikes back to Sherman and got him packed up for a short drive. We were trying to get online. Pretty sparse cell coverage out here in the middle of nowhere! The plan was that we would return to the same spot at the Nature Preserve for one more night.

We drove into the village of Kenton, but there was no getting online there either.

So we did the 7 miles over to Black Mesa State Park where we found a hill to park on where we could get online. We sat there for a couple of hours, when surprise surprise... who drives up but Bob and Denise!

They had been kicked out of the Nature Preserve area. The area belongs to the state park, and the lady told them they couldn't overnight there. Would be helpful if they put some signs up saying so! Otherwise, it's pretty much fair game in our opinion. But whatever. They decided to move to the state park camping area where they got a primitive site for $16 USD ($21 CAD) and we were allowed to share it with them. No problem, we were also then able to have showers and fill with water and use the dump station. Good deal for $8 USD each.

So we stayed there for the night and took off early. Super windy overnight, and didn't sleep well. Going to have to have a nap this afternoon. Next stop, New Mexico!

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And in Canada...


  1. I am very envious of that bike ride. Looks like a great road for it, completely deserted!

    1. The road was fantastic for biking on. We would have gone even further but it went to a dirt road and it started getting too sandy for our tires. It was just about deserted, I think the whole time that we were biking on it not one single vehicle passed us. :-)

  2. Never go anywhere without a bike or two.

    1. Agreed! Bob and Denise are hoping to buy some bicycles somewhere along our travels.

  3. We’re in Santa Fe Kevin. There’s room for you both to park I think. We’re very much SIP but have patio area we can all hang in a bd swap stories. Call: Or text: 650 296 7956. Or email [email protected].

    1. Thank you so much for the invite Bonnie and Dave. We will definitely take you up on that and Kevin will be in touch with you shortly. :-)

  4. Soon you will be in the area of the 4-Corners, where you can touch FOUR states at one time, Colorado, Hawaii, Singapore, and Chicago, if I remember correctly. I was never great at geography.

    1. Lol, I think you might be off on that just by a little! :-P

      We aren't sure whether we will actually hit the four corners or not, it will depend on if roads are open or closed for passage through that area.

  5. Great scenery.... so vast and pristine looking with no one else to see for miles. So cool to have your pictures taken at the three states corner marker. Safe travels.

    1. Yes, the scenery in this area is very much to our liking.

      I think that is probably one of the first times that we have had an opportunity to get a picture like that, and to be in two different times zones to boot. :-)


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