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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Hike up to 9,300' and big horned sheep!

We had a 9:00am start for a planned 4 mile (6.5 km) hike up an old forest service road to Cabresto Lake at 9,300'. There is actually a dispersed camping area at the lake, but the road up is 4WD only... not suitable for the motorhomes!

Too bad, because it was a beautiful spot.

The road twists and winds it's way up to the lake...

We got up to the lake, and quickly saw why there is a lake there. 

The camping area.

It's a pretty spot.

Especially on a beautiful blue sky day!

Ruth spotted this hummingbird.

Clear sunny skies and fresh air.

Mr. Mallard.

Denise, Bob, and Scarlett,

I was actually taking a photo of these pretty yellow flowers, and as I was getting the camera set up, this pretty moth came and landed right where I was taking the photo!

We packed up the rigs and headed back to Taos. Bob and Denise continued to another possible overnight stop by the gorge, but Ruth and I went into town and first stopped to get some propane.

We hadn't filled up since March 24th in Matehuala, so we were getting low. It was just under 1/4 tank so we probably could have gone another two weeks or so if we had to. But there is a propane fill place in Taos where the price was only $2 a gallon, so we made a point of going there and getting a relatively cheap fill up!

Heading back to Taos.

Scenery along the way.

You can see where Bob and Denise are parked!

View from where we are parked.

View out Sherman's windshield.

Just before dinner, some big horned sheep wandered by!

My, what big horns you have!

Yesterday was our 36th wedding anniversary. Bob and Denise made us a wonderful dinner and we had happy hour in our motorhome and dinner in theirs! We enjoyed sharing our anniversary with them. Thanks again guys!

This morning, we have parted ways. They have decided to carry on up into Utah a little faster than us, but it's possible we will bump into them again next month. We have been traveling together for six months as of today, and we will miss them. We are now officially back on our own!

We're headed down to Santa Fe over the next day or two to meet other world wide traveling friends Dave and Bonnie. We haven't seen them since we were in Spain in February 2017.


And in Canada...

Great deal on this 15.6" HP Laptop with Intel i3.


  1. Happy #36 to both of you. That is commitment!
    As a Canadian I am wondering if you are doing your 7 months out of Canada 🇨🇦 or did you apply for the extended

    1. Thank you very much!

      We were last in Canada at the beginning of November so we would have until the beginning of June but we were also out of Canada all last summer so it means that we are technically not eligible for healthcare until we are back in our home province for three months. At the moment we are both very healthy and we don't want to let that time commitment affect our travels. Things may change as we get older and if we want we can purchase private insurance to cover us for not having Canadian federal healthcare. No we did not apply for the extended absence on our health insurance.

  2. That gravel 4wd only road is our kind of road

    1. If we had Bundy and Joyce (our Australian rig), we would have been up on that road and camping out at the lake but it definitely was a little too much for Sherman. We do know his limits!

    2. Yes Bundy and Joyce. Do you ever talk to the couple that purchased it?

    3. It wasn't a couple that bought Bundy and Joyce, it was just a single guy. It was friend's of his (a couple) that came out to have a look at Bundy and Joyce for their friend and yes, I actually got a message from her about a month or so ago saying how they were doing and that Gary, the guy that bought Bundy and Joyce is very happy with them and has been out camping a number of times and is now just waiting for things to open up in Australia so that he can travel north in the them for their winter. :-)

  3. Under the circumstances you may not be able to enjoy the food at Tia Sophias downtown but there is enough parking at Mariscos La Playa on Cordova Road in Santa Fe for Sherman! And you may just think you are back on the beach in Mexico if you shut your eyes!

    They also have a location in Espanola!

    1. It looks like they are open for delivery or curbside pickup. Thanks for the suggestion but it really is hard to beat the true Mexican food in Mexico. It is just never the same anywhere else, or the prices either. You have to remember that in the States we as Canadians have to add on another 40% now to anything we purchase and that really adds up! :-(

    2. Yes I agree about whats BEST! I've eaten plenty of seafood on Mexican beaches that i watched carried from the boat and grilled on a stick over a driftwood fire! but I also live by my senior high class motto that the school administration refused to allow back in the 60's
      Better a little than none at all!
      Happy Travels!

  4. Happy 36th Anniversary! ����

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you very much, we had a wonderful day! :-)

  6. Happy 36th anniversary! We are coming up on our 35th later this month. Hard to believe, isn't it? Great photo of the bighorn sheep head-on!

    1. Thank you Emily! We had a great day on our anniversary, and seeing those bighorn sheep up close like that just made the day that much better.

      Happy Anniversary to you both as well. :-)


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