Out for a walk at the Loynton Moss Nature Reserve, Staffordshire, England.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Wyke, West Yorkshire, England on May 29th!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Beautiful boondocking spot in the hills

Well, we are now traveling on our own once again, pretty much for the first time in six months. We enjoyed our time spent leading the Mexico RV Caravan Group, and also with Bob and Denise over the last month and a half.

But yesterday it was time to say goodbye.

Possibly only for a short time though! We may see them again over the next month or two.

Denise, Bob, and Scarlett.
Until we meet again!

There they go!

Ruth and I are headed down to Santa Fe to see some friends, but we are in no rush and probably won't get there until Friday or Saturday.

From our overnight spot, we headed down the steep curvy gravel road into the Rio Grande Gorge.

Good thing Sherman's brakes were recently serviced!

Beautiful drive along the river.

We headed into the town of Espanola. The main reason for our stop in this town was the price of gas! Sherman was getting low, and we put almost 52 gallons into his 60 gallon tank. At a price of $1.30 per gallon ($0.48 CAD per liter).

With that done, we went and parked outside the library and used the free WiFi to download some updates to our laptops and the phone, and then went looking for a spot to overnight.

We headed up to Los Alamos and then into the Sante Fe National Forest.

We found a dispersed camping area at 8,200' altitude

There was only one other rig here, a motorome bigger than Sherman, but they are parked quite far away. Later in the day, a huge 5th wheel pulled in. No idea where they got parked up, but good for them! I wouldn't have wanted to maneuver a big rig like that amongst all these pine trees.

Yup, this will do just fine.

Sherman, parked up at GPS 35.83422, -106.37503

Beautiful spot, and with a good Verizon signal we will hang out here and do some hiking and biking for a couple of nights.

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And in Canada...


  1. When you get to Utah, I recommend Utah Hey 95 between Blanding and Hanksville. 120 odd miles of unbelievable scenery and no people. Lots of boondocking spots too.

  2. You guys are awsome, love to see your adventures. Question for ya, how do you stay in the states so long, insurance etc? Do you have canadian plates? We aren't ventureing far here as people dont like out of province plates!

    1. Thank you Elaine, we are glad that you enjoy following along on our adventures.

      We haven't been staying in the States too long. As a Canadian we are only allowed in the US for a 180 days or so and since November we have only been in the US for about two months in total. We had about two weeks in November before crossing into Mexico and then about one and a half months so far since we crossed over from Mexico back into the US at the end of March.

      Yes, we have Canadian plates. We haven't had any issues with people regarding us being from out of the US but we also are hardly ever in a town or city since we crossed back into the US at the end of March. We stay out in the middle of nowhere, and only got into town for groceries which is once a week or even a little longer.

    2. Of course now it makes sense, thanks for clarifying. Love it

  3. Have Bob and Denise been happy with their Sunstar?....Just hmmm wondering...It seemed Serenity had too many issues on this trip..
    My Winnie has been just peachy for the past 14 yrs of her 33 yrs....

    1. Yes, Bob and Denise have been very happy with their Sunstar.

      Garth certainly had some issues with Serenity over the winter but the year before he had none. He really likes his unit as well and for the most part it has been very good to him.

      So glad you you have had good luck with your Winnie, she is getting up there in years and Sherman isn't too far behind her. :-)

  4. Beautiful New Mexico! My home state...

    1. It is beautiful and we are really enjoying our time here, even under the strange circumstances of life at this moment. :-)

  5. If you're up for a day trip, check out the Gilman Tunnels. Its in the vicinity of Jemez Springs on a paved forest service road 376 that turns off of State Road 4. The forest service road is closed at the tunnels, but you can park and walk. The rock cliffs are spectacular and the Rio Guadalupe was roaring last week. My home state as well.

    1. Thank you very much for the suggestion Judy. I think we will do that tomorrow.

      We are loving your home state! :-)


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