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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A very loud POP

Just a lazy day yesterday.

It wasn't planned that way... I got the bikes off the back and we planned on going for a bike ride. The rear tire on my bike has had a slow leak, but not bad enough that I couldn't top it up and it would last for a few hours.

So, I hooked up the compressor and got it pumping up. I heard the tire making noise...creaking, almost... and I knew something wasn't right. I stopped the compressor and started unscrewing the compressor from the valve when... POP!

It took my ears about five minutes to stop ringing. It was a very LOUD pop!

So much for the bike ride. We then thought about going for a walk, but it was getting too hot.

Oh well. Nothing wrong with having a lazy day every now and again.

We sat in the shade on the back patio.

And we watched the hummingbirds.

We had supper with David and Bonnie. Grilled up some yams and potatoes and made some hamburgers.

Me doing the cooking!

David, Bonnie, and Kevin.

We were originally planning on heading out today, but we really want to do a bike ride around here so we're going to walk on over to a bike shop and buy a new tire and tube.

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  1. Better for the problem to happen before you get too far from home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Bike Ride.

    It's about time.

    1. Very true! And we did end up having a great bike ride yesterday. :-)

  2. Hope you got your new bike parts! Often a tire is not needed, just a tube, though tires don't last forever either. Always good to care a spare tube, just in case. Hope you get to ride your bikes in such a lovely area!

    1. Yes, we did get a new tire and tube but it wasn't cheap either especially when we have to add on the extra 40% exchange rate but at least Kevin can ride his bike again. We definitely had to get a new tire when the tube burst it shredded part of the sidewall on the tire but as Kevin mentioned the tire was getting old and was going to need a new one soon anyways.

      We had carried a spare tube with us but Kevin used it on my bike quite a long time ago and we just forgot to replace it.

      We did end up having a good bike ride yesterday afternoon. :-)


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