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Friday, May 22, 2020

Another great boondocking spot...

We had no problem finding another great boondocking spot for last night, but it will likely be more difficult for the next three nights of the U.S. Memorial Day weekend.

In fact, as we were parked up near the beginning of a forest service road, we saw at least 4 different RVs heading further into the interior. And this was on a Thursday afternoon of the upcoming long weekend. People trying to get a head start I bet.

We only did about 95 miles (152 kms). Once again, the wind started to pick up after lunch so we stopped a little earlier than planned.

Yesterday's drive, 95 miles (152 kms).

Western meadowlark.

American kestrel.

GPS 36.758676, -107.202086

Another nice spot.

Now, the challenge will be to find a great spot that we can spend the next three nights at that also has good cellular service!

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And in Canada...


  1. I love all your photos in this blog post and the previous one. New Mexico is just so scenic. Gorgeous bird shots along with the landscape. Good luck finding a spot for the three-day weekend. That was one of the few things we didn't like about the RV lifestyle: holidays! It was bad enough pre-COVID, just trying to find a spot that wasn't overrun with kids and people and noise. We didn't always succeed, though we got lucky a couple of times. Looking forward to hearing where you end up!

    1. Thanks Emily, we have really enjoyed the beautiful scenery in this part of New Mexico and our boondocking spots have been fantastic.

      Those bird shots were both taken from Sherman's dining room window when we stopped to have breakfast in a small community beside the road.

      Right now we are at a decent enough spot but not sure if we will stay here for the whole weekend. It is a popular spot with ATVs and dirt bikes so it certainly won't be quiet! We will see how it goes, and we will move on if necessary.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Chris! I really like the one of the American Kestrel.

  3. Holiday Weekends are always hard to find a good camp whether it's Boondocking or in a park.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I am sure that we can find a boondocking spot, the problem will be if we can find one where we can be off by ourselves or not and how noisy it might be with ATVers or dirt bikers!


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