At the temple ruins in Ayutthaya, Thailand.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ayutthaya, Thailand.

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Saturday, May 9, 2020

In to New Mexico

We've been in "old" Mexico many times, but we really haven't spent much time in "New" Mexico. Mostly because much of the more interesting parts of New Mexico are at elevation and so of course it's just too cold in the winter. And normally, we would be back in Canada by this time of year.

So, this is giving us a good opportunity to spend some decent weather months in this part of the world.

Decent weather, except for the wind. Looks like we'll be dealing with the wind at least until we get up higher into the mountains around Taos.

Thursday night, it was so windy that we didn't sleep well, and Friday night wasn't much better. It's not often we have to put up with winds like that at night, and it's been just as bad driving during the day.

We woke up Friday morning and did some driving right away. That way, we use Sherman's engine heat to warm things up.

A little bit of cloud at 7:00am, but it quickly broke up into clear blue skies.

We stopped at the little village of Felt and had breakfast there. We had a good cell signal so were able to get caught up on some internet stuff, then we waited until after lunch for the winds to die down.

Then, we headed for New Mexico.


New Mexico!

Scenery along the way.

This guy rents U-Haul trucks and does western themed metal art sculptures!

We are now at 6,000' altitude and that hill ahead of us is over 8,000'.

Bob and Denise had gone on ahead to a pre planned meeting spot that we hoped would be good enough for an overnight. The almost 1 mile road in was in a bit rough shape, but nothing we haven't done before. Just got to take it easy.

Sherman and Sunny, boondocking at GPS 36.700059, -103.806996

Out for a walk.

Miles of nothing.

The wind picked up again overnight, and we didn't sleep well again. As I said, we're getting up in altitude now, so it gets a bit chilly overnight. But that's not the problem... it's the wind. Going to have to have a nap again today. 

But first, we have to climb the Capulin Volcano!

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  1. That small mountain just after the state line sign is Rabbit Ear mountain, named after a Comanche chief that is supposed to be buried there. It was a well known landmark on the Santa Fe Trail.

    1. Yes, I saw the name on my map but of course didn't know the history of the name. I kept looking at the mountain trying to figure out how it looked like a rabbit ear, lol.

  2. Good that you’ve got youth and legs to hike the Capulín Volcano. We drove Pauly up there last year. Enjoy New Mexico. Safe travels.

    1. Lol, hiking up Capulin Volcano was easy compared to some of the hikes that we did in Peru. The views from the top were beautiful. You can't drive up there at the moment because they have closed the road to stop too many people from heading up there, so it was good that you got to go up there last year.

  3. We did the Continental Divide a couple years ago, from Canada to Mexico and was real surprised how open and nice New Mexico was coming into it on the north east side. Real open and almost no people. I really liked it, much better than all the touristy parts I'd been to before. Travel on.

    1. Yes, that side of New Mexico is very open and very sparsely populated. There are actually a lot of places that you can go in New Mexico that are away from the crowds but it really helps if you like the great outdoors because that is where the best places are. We are glad that you enjoyed that trip. :-)

  4. You may find this useful:

    1. Thank you Paul for the link. We do however keep well abreast of what is going on in each of the states that we will be passing through. The information constantly changes, almost daily and weekly so we like to make sure our information is current as we go along so we check the news and the local/state information almost daily.

  5. Afternoon naps are wonderful. I try to indulge in a nap at least 5 times a week.

    1. They say naps are good for you both mentally and physically. :-)

  6. In late August 2019 we stopped by Capulin Volcano Nat Monument and they told us recent rains washed out the road to the top of the volcano. They didn't know if or when the road would be rebuilt. At the time they were not letting people hike to the top.

    1. They are still working on the repairs but until COVID-19 hit you were able to go up in your vehicle, they had stop signs in each direction to allow other traffic to pass in the one small section that they had down to one lane. Now because of COVID-19 the road is closed to vehicle traffic but open to cyclists and hikers.


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