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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bardstown, Kentucky

Spent yesterday looking for new hiking boots. We both needed a new pair, and the cave tour on Saturday requires that they be "above the ankle" type of boots.

So yesterday morning we headed towards the Kentucky border at Louisville. In Clarksville, Indiana, (right at the border) we made our way to the Bass Pro Shop, which is another big outdoor store similar to Cabela's.

We were surprised that they didn't really have much of a selection there though, and so we went to the neighbouring stores...Dicks, Sears, Dillards, and a handful of shoe stores...and couldn't come up with what we were looking for. Wasted about 3 hours. Finally, one of the sales people recommended that we go to the Summit box store mall where there is a Quest Oudoors store that he thought would have more selection. It was about 10 miles (16 kms) away, and on the other side of Louisville, but we were on a off we went.

The freeway went pretty much right through downtown Louisville. It looks like a nice city, we probably should have found a way to stay there for a day and look around. Rather than wasting the day shopping. Anyhow, we got to the Quest store and they had a great selection. Only problem was that there was nothing on sale, and we hate paying full price for anything. So we tried on a bunch and we each found exactly what we were looking for. But there was no negotiating with these people. I even got the manager and asked for a discount because we were buying two pair. No go. So I asked him to throw in free pair of socks. Probably would have cost them about $7 a pair. No go. I finally said that we were going to buy the boots anyhow, but we weren't going to be happy about buying them there. He could make the sale AND have happy customers by throwing in a free pair of socks. No go.

So bottom line is that Quest stores have great products and selection, however I will never shop there again. And I told them that.

By this time, it was around 5:30pm and we had no idea where we were going to park for the night. We don't like that. Plus, it was now the tail end of rush our traffic. we decided to head for Bardstown which was at least in the direction of Mammoth Cave.

And so we ended up at the Bardstown Walmart last night. Two nights in a row at a Walmart means we deserve somewhere decent tonight. So we're going to relax and check into the My Old Kentucky Home State Park here in Bardstown today. We'll walk around town and just relax today. We're at the county library just now and they have the internet blocked for uploading pictures, so no new photos or maps just now.

October Fuel: $375.00
October Propane:
October Groceries: $258.79
October Booze: $99.98
October Overnight: $10.00
October Entertainment:

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