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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Van Wert, Ohio

Well we may have been heading for Celina, but we only made it to Van Wert.

But that's fine, because Van Wert (pop 10,000) has a little RV park in their county fairgrounds, and other than a couple of empty trailers, we're the only ones here. And there's nobody to pay, and no sign saying if you're even supposed to pay. We figure it's near enough to the end of the season that they don't care. We're not plugged in, so we're not costing them anything, although the water is on and the dump station is open, so we'll likely take advantage of those things in the morning.

They also have a Walmart Supercenter so we took advantage of a grocery shopping opportunity. Also picked up a 12 of Rolling Rock, in case any of our readers want to stop by for a pint or

Groceries are still WAY cheaper here than they are in Canada. Maybe not so much in the fruit and vegetable department, but just about anything else is cheaper. For example, $1.29 for a dozen eggs. We pay around $2.19 in Canada. Ruth bought a couple of gluten free products in Walmart for at least half what they would have cost back home.

So here's the updated map for today...

Turns out we only did 118 miles (189 kms) today.

Oh, the way I do these maps is really simple...I just make the map on the standard google maps program online, then I use the "snipping tool" that comes with Windows Vista or Windows 7 to make a jpeg file of whatever happens to be on my screen at the time. I don't think this very handy tool came with XP, so if that's what you have you may be out of luck trying to do it this way.

October Fuel: $225.00
October Propane:
October Groceries: $232.18
October Booze: $80.54
October Overnight:
October Entertainment:

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  1. Nice to find a place to camp for a night for free. That windows 'snipping tool' comes in very handy for all kinds of things, I find I use it quite a bit.


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