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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Up early this morning

Just can't seem to sleep in. Of course I was in bed by 10pm last night, so I guess it was still a decent nights sleep. Although I did wake up at 12:30am or so to the thunp thump thump of the music.

It had rained all day Thursday and Friday, so it was nice to see some sunshine for a change on Saturday. High was about 14C (57F), so it wasn't a bad day for this time of year.

Spent the day yesterday doing tune ups on our bicycles. Actually, the first thing I did was meet up at 9am with the guy who ran into our car a week ago. We had agreed on a $350 cash payment and we are both comfortable with that. Then, I went to the bike shop to get some parts, but it didn't open until 10am. So I went to Walmart, Loblaws, Canadian Tire and the Dollar store and wandered around. Ended up buying something in each of the four stores, and spent a total of $10.05 tax included!

What did I buy?

Walmart - $2.79 for some of Whiskey's favorite little dog treats.
Canadian Tire - $1.62 for a digital tire pressure gauge. Regular price $14.79. Why didn't they just give them away? Anyhow, now I have one in the car and one in the motorhome.
Loblaws - $4.51 for three cans of dog food. Went in to buy one can, but if you bought three you got a discount.
Dollarama - $1.13 for a pair of those cheap reading glasses because my eyes are getting old. I'm not, but my eyes are.

So then went back to the bike shop and bought a new tube for my bike. One of the tires had a slow leak and for $5.65 it was worth fixing. I had never changed a tube on this bike, which I had bought brand new about 5 years ago. Turns out you can do the entire job without any tools. Then I cleaned and lubricated things and adjusted all the brake and gear cables.

Ruth bike was actually our son Alex's old bike from about 10 years ago. It was just a cheap Walmart bike and I can't believe it's still around. She really does need a new one, but old rusty looking bikes on the back of a motorhome are less attractive to thieves! So we will try and make it through this winter and perhaps pick up something better for her next spring. Anyhow, I got into cleaning that bike up and realized that I couldn't get the rear brakes to work properly because the cable was binding. Back to the bike shop (for the third time!) and spent another $10 on all the parts to replace the rear brake cable. I adjusted all of the cables, and hopefully it will get her through the winter okay.

The campground is now officially closed for the season, but there was a private party being held last night. They had tents set up in the field and a DJ and dancing. Whiskey and I thought about crashing the party, and we wandered over there, but she didn't like the loud music. And it was pretty loud. We could easily hear it inside the motorhome. Thought about driving down to the Walmart for some peace and quiet! I'm just kidding, it didn't really bother us and it sure looked like everyone there was having a great time.

We will go to pick up Ruth at the Kingston airport in a couple of hours.


  1. We finally sold our bikes. We never used them. Walking is our thing. Stay safe.

  2. We try to use our bikes as much as we can. We also like to walk a lot especially when we are hiking with Whiskey.

    Kevin and Ruth


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