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Friday, October 29, 2010

Mammoth Cave National Park

We are at Mammoth Cave National Park, and we have internet. Sort of.

We have to ride our bikes over to the Mammoth Cave Hotel, but at least we are able to give you all daily updates.

The drive here took us through Lincolns birthplace and boyhood home, so there are a lot of "Abe Lincoln" tourist attractions.

Not Lincoln's boyhood home, but the site of it, now a National Historic Park.

Abe Lincoln tourism anyone?

When we got to the campground, we looked for a site with lots of sun to keep our batteries charged for the next three days. Mostly trees and shade but we found one where we will get a couple of hours of afternoon sun, so that should be enough to keep us charged up. Paid for our site...$17 per night ($51 for three nights) which is pretty good for a National Park.

The next thing we looked for was a Dolphin motorhome. We had been contacted by fellow RV'ers and bloggers John and Ellen, who read our blog and happened to also be heading for Mammoth Cave.

So we said hi to them, and hopefully we'll be able to spend some time with them tomorrow or go for a hike with them on Sunday. They are also doing one of the cave tours tomorrow.

We took Whiskey for a nice hike in the woods.

Ruth and a tree that grew out of a rock.

Whiskey loves going for a walk in the forest.

So then we went to the visitor center and picked up our tickets for tomorrow. When I said we were picking up our tickets for the Wild Cave Tour, the guy asks if our life insurance is paid up. Too funny. Anyhow, we look forward to reporting back to you tomorrow, maybe around supper time. Speaking of time, we are now on Central Time.


  1. Looks like Whiskey is enjoying the walk, the Caves sound really interesting , Since I just bought the Golden pass I wonder what camping would cost there, they give half off on admission fees and free in some, Be safe out there, Sam & Donna..

  2. It looks like KY is a little cool. Hope you enjoy your tour tomorrow. How long does it last?

  3. Whiskey looks very happy in that photo - great shot! Enjoy the tour!

  4. Whiskey is so adorable. Have fun on your trip, but be carful. Waiting to hear all about it.

  5. Sam and Donna...All camping in the campground was $17 for no services, we didn't ask what the price would be with a Golden pass, but hopefully that would give you and idea. Mammoth Caves National Park has no visitor fees, so the only charges would be for the cave tours, again not sure what kind of discount you would get. We love it here though.

    Margie and Roger...Yes, it was a little cool, but the last couple of days were beautiful. Perfect temperatures.

    Rick and Paulette, and Pidge...Thanks for your comments on Whiskey, she had a great hike and yes she is adorable and she knows it!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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