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Friday, October 15, 2010

Kentville, NS (Day 2)

Lindsey drove Justin to work today and I got up after just they left at about 7:30am.  Justin works in the carpentry business.  He just started working for a new business within the last month or so and they work on various jobs in
the Annapolis Valley, from building a house to any kind of residental renovations that need to be done.  So right now he is working on a renovation at a house about 20 minutes away.  Justin is very talented with wood working and has made some beautiful furniture for themselves, family and friends.

A fancy nightstand

A beautiful wine rack made of cherry wood.  Justin made this for Kevin and I just before putting the house up for sale, so we never got it.

Their bookcase

A dresser for the new baby

Their entertainment centre

Once Lindsey was back we sat around chatting for a bit and then started baking some gluten free chocolate chip cookies and a marble snack cake.  Lindsey also found out early in the year that she has an intolerance to gluten as well.  Both the cookies and the cake turned out really yummy.

Lindsey making chocolate chip cookies.  See the little belly!

The morning wasn't looking very nice weather wise and by lunchtime the rain started.  Shortly after lunch Lindsey got a text message from Justin to pick him up as the rain was hampering their work and they finished up early.

Later in the afternoon we went to Fox Hill Cheese House at Fox Hill Farm to taste test some of their cheese before picking out a small block of Italian Harvarti cheese, then we taste tested some of the gelato before having a really delicious scoop of peach gelato.

After supper Justin's Mom, his sister Keri Anne and his nephew, Corson came over for a visit.

Tomorrow morning Lindsey and I are going to see some friends Kevin and I met in Mexico two years ago.  They live about a half hour from Lindsey's.


  1. Lindsey is beautiful and Justin's woodwork is beautiful, too! Nice post.
    - Mary Ann

  2. Great furniture. The cookies really look good. I love chocolate chip cookies, don't really know anyone who doesn't. Stay safe.

  3. Wow! You weren't kidding! BEAUTIFUL wood projects. He's a talented guy!

    Really great having you two ladies here this morning. Thanks for coming. We enjoyed your visit!

    Hope to see you and Kevin on the road this winter! Fingers crossed.... Paula and Jerry

  4. Thank you Mary Ann, she certainly is beautiful.

    Pidge... You're right I don't know anyone who doesn't like them. It's just a question of.. do you like them crunchy or chewy?

    Paula and Jerry...Yep he really does do great work and he designed them all himself.

    We enjoyed our visit with you, thank you for the hospitality. You have a beautiful house and grounds.

    Looking forward to hopefully seeing you again this winter whether it is in Mexico or somewhere in the States on our journey back.

    Kevin and Ruth


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