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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dundas, Ontario (day 2)...updated 6:30pm

So we had to take Sherman for his "e-test" today, because the government of Ontario has rules that your vehicle has to have an emissions test every two years. Sherman's current plate sticker expires in February, and we will be FAR away from Ontario at that time, so it had to be done before we leave.

I had planned on taking Sherman to a nearby garage to have it done, but I didn't have an appointment and it turned out they were too busy and wouldn't be able to do it until Monday. By Monday, we plan on being half way to Tennessee! So that wouldn't do.

Reader and fellow blogger Bob had commented on our post yesterday that he used to use a place near us called Ted's Service Centre to have his Class A motorhome serviced. So we called Ted's and they said they could do it at 11:00am this morning. So that's what we did! Thanks for the suggestion, Bob!

While Ted's was doing the test on Sherman, we took Whiskey for a walk to a nearby park. While crossing a bridge over a little stream, Ruth noticed a huge fish in the water. Then we saw quite a few more. Turns out that Chinook salmon use this stream to spawn. The Chinook are native to the Pacific Ocean, but apparently was introduced to the Great Lakes system back in the 1970's where they have thrived. It sure was odd seeing these big fish trying to swim up this little creek. I took some pictures, but I'll post them this evening.

Sherman passed his e-test with flying colors, and now we will walk down to the licence bureau and get a new sticker for him that will be good until 2012. Oh, have to get my drivers licence renewed as well because that expires in February also. We don't mind giving our money to the government for these things, because we know they spend it so wisely!

6:30pm update

Forgot the camera cable in the motorhome, so you won't get pictures if the salmon this evening.

Okay, so we walked down to the licence bureau. Handed over the registration, insurance, and e-test results, and asked for a sticker. As the lady is sorting through the paperwork, I also mentioned that I need my drivers licence renewed as well.

She inputs the serial number from the e-test form into her computer and it's rejected. Now, I had forgotten about this, but when I first bought Sherman there was a problem with the serial number. Turns out that when Damon (the manufacturer) registered the vehicle, they messed up on one digit. So the GM chassis serial number in the glove box (which is the correct one) is not the same as the one on the manufacturers information label. Nobody in the vehicles history had ever noticed this until I did three years ago. Anyhow, Damon was really good about it and now I have a letter from them explaining that it was their fault etc. But I forgot to bring it to the licence bureau. No big deal, I was all set to go back to Sherman and get it.

But that wasn't what she was worried about. Her main concern was that the chassis serial number clearly indicated that Sherman is a 1995. Yes, that's correct, I said to her, except that it is a 1996 motorhome. She was all concerned that it said 1996 on the ownership, and not 1995. She insisted that it be changed to 1995, and she got on the phone to the head honchos at the Ministry of Transportation to get approval to change that. They gave it to her.

Now that's all fine and good, except...NOW I NO LONGER NEEDED THE E-TEST! So we paid out $60 and all the aggravation to get the e-test, and now they changed Sherman's year so they tell me I don't need the e-test now. But now I need to get another one a year from now! Not happy.

On another note, I broke a chunk off one of my molars today at lunch. I will not be going to one of our overpriced Canadian dentists, and I will put up with the minor discomfort until we get to Mexico. Provided it doesn't get worse. We will keep our fingers crossed!

We're going to post our monthly trip expenses on a daily basis so you all know how cheap we can live and how much it costs us to go to Mexico in our motorhome.

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  1. Good for Sherman, now no worries for two more years. I am spoiled since Diesels don't have to be tested in MO. But with it being licensed for 18.000 lbs I ave to renew the plate every years instead of every two years, that will be a pain when we start full timing. I will have to think about a state like SD where you can renew by mail with no tests. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Well I'll be darned. There ya go. Managed to help out a fellow Canuck from half way around the globe. (which is really pretty whacky if you stop and think about it! That whole internet thing and all...) Glad that worked out for you. I just figured I was stickin' my nose in, but I couldn't help myself. Otherwise I do try to keep a low profile.

    Thanks for your contribution to our fine upstanding provincial government!

    Safe travels.


  3. Oh. And you're quite welcome.
    Forgot to say that.
    Bad upbringing I suspect.

  4. Sorry about your tooth. Be carful an your trip and looking forward to reading all about it. Stay safe.

  5. Sam and Donna...That would be a bit of a pain having to get it done every year. Funny how laws and regulations are so different, even in your own country. Should be the same throughtout the country, but it is the same in Canada.

    Bob...That's again for that tip Bob. Internet is such an amazing tool. Yes we really like the way they spend it!!!

    Pidge...Kevin's tooth seems to be OK, I think we can both make it to Mexico where we can get our teeth fixed up much more cheaply than Canada or the States.

    Kevin and Ruth


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