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Monday, October 4, 2010

Adsense update

Forgot to do an update on our adsense account. We had a good month in September, putting $78.42 towards our travel fund for this winter.

However, most of this advertising income came from our relatively new blog

One of my hobbies is playing with the stock market. I'm not really an investor, I prefer to call it educated gambling because I trade a fair bit. Anyhow, the website following has really taken off over the last couple of months and I guess people who follow the markets also like the quality of advertisers that Google puts on the website. So between that and the fact that our "gambling" is doing really well, we're very happy with the success of the new site.


  1. interesting since I too trade the market frequently... how do you do this on the road? I use etrade and love the streamer but assumed I would not be able to use it on the road.

  2. That's a great return from AdSense for just a month! Congrats on that!

  3. Sounds like a really good month to me. Great way to save a little money for travel expenses.

  4. heyduke50...because I don't "daytrade", I don't mind just being able to check the markets a couple of times per day. We always manage to get online somewhere along the way when we're on the road. My streaming quotes work fine, just off a normal unsecured wi-fi connection.

  5. Rick and Paulette, Margie and Roger...Thanks, yeah I think that was our best month yet. Still a long way to catch up to Tioga George!

  6. I applied to Adsense, was approved. But setting it all up was completly overwhelming for me in the technology world. I can do some things on the computer, but not this one. Good for you figuring it all out. I am a George follower too.
    Your snow photo above taken in 2007 is very nice. It makes me shutter to think people live in the snow and endure cold temperatures!
    Happy Trails.

  7. Hi Jane...I have sent you an email if you would like some help setting up Adsense on your blog.



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