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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Had a nice long weekend.

It was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, so Monday was a holiday. We went to my sisters for turkey dinner, and then stayed overnight in my parents condo in Ottawa Sunday night.

They have a beautiful view facing downtown from the 19th floor of their condo...

Looking towards downtown Ottawa, Monday Oct 11

Then on Monday morning, we visited with friends in the east end, and then stopped in to see more friends in the west end as we were headed out of town back to Kingston. They ended up inviting us for supper, and since we don't enjoy driving at night we also ended up using their spare bedroom. So we didn't make it back to Kingston until Tuesday morning.

Took the little car in yesterday for an estimate on the damages it incurred when it was rear ended last Friday. This place wanted $707 tax included, which is about $150 too high. I never told the appraiser that I used to be in the business, and just let him write it up the way he would have. He did ask if it was insurance, and I said no, the guy wants to pay out of his pocket and that I wanted to treat him fairly. I'll go get two more estimates today.

Chilly again this morning! Temperature 1C (34F) when we woke up.

Note to Sam and Donna....unfortunately, we will be crossing at Detroit, so won't be heading down the I-81 as much as we would love to stop and see you!


  1. Great to see those nice blue skies in Ottawa as our youngest daughter is living there. Talk about coincidences, Hayley also went to Queen's University in Kingston for her Masters degree.

  2. No problem, Donna is still in MO. and I will probably have my hands full being nurse,I'm sure the opportunity will arise again, you guys were lucky to have a long weekend getaway. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna. I guess I confuse people by still signing like we are not temporarily together due to my sisters surgery. but she is the brains of the outfit and my soul mate so she is sitting right here next to me in spirit.

  3. Wow! Can't imagine being in an RV in that snow as shown on the photo at the top of the blog. That's just tooooo cold for me!

  4. Rick and Paulette...Yes it was a beautiful day, that day. Hope your daughter is enjoying Ottawa, it is a really pretty city, so is Kingston for that matter.

    Sam and Donna...I am sure we will have a chance to meet up some other time in the future. Hope all is well with you and your sister and that Riggs is having a good time at home with Donna.

    Margie and Roger...It wasn't too bad, but that was definitely our coldest night ever in the motorhome.

    Kevin and Ruth


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