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Friday, October 1, 2010

Driving and RVing in Mexico

Some of you mentioned yesterday that you would be scared to drive and RV in Mexico. I don't blame you, as we were also a little unsure about doing it ourselves, and so we drove with other experienced travelers for the first few weeks of each of our last two winters in that country. 

But after you get used the different rules of the road and you start to understand the way the locals do things, it's not really that bad. Some of the back roads are in really poor condition, but most of the toll roads and some free roads are four lane highways very similar to what you would find elsewhere in North America.

And then there's the roadblocks. There are regular roadblocks put up by both the military and the Federal Police. They are searching for drugs, and weapons. As one Federal officer put it to us, they are there for our own protection. And they are. We have never once been harassed by either military or Federal Police, and we have encountered many of their roadblocks along the way. Usually, they will board your motorhome with their automatic rifles and they will ask questions. We get the impression that the younger soldiers are more interested in your motorhome, and will ask questions about that. We offer them a bottle of water, or a glass of jugo naranja (orange juice) and we have always been sent on our way with no problems.

All you hear in the media now is about the drug wars and how many have been killed in the last few years. Of course there have been many people killed, and I would guess that 99% of them have been involved in the drug trade, the police, the military, or politics. We are glad that we are not in any of those categories!

We have been sent a link that we would like to share with you...

This is a fairly realistic report about RV'ing in Mexico. We don't totally agree with everything the authors write however we do feel it's a fair representation.

Oh, Chrissy y Keith had asked where we plan on crossing into Mexico. We're thinking the truck crossing at Laredo, however haven't finished our research yet. Kind of depends on if we end up heading into Big Bend National Park or not.


  1. Just be careful. I wish we hadn't been so timid. I normally get my eye drops in Mexico and save hundreds of $$$. Now I wish I had went ahead and got them. Stay safe.

  2. Thank you Pidge, we will be careful. We are going to get our eyes checked and see the dentist down there. Can't beat their prices :).

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. I think we will take advantage of the eye and dental care down there once we retire too.

    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Yep it is sure worth it. Even taking a cheap all-inclusive holiday down for a week and having work done. The amount some people save pretty much pays for the trip itself. Kevin had dental work in Chetumal that cost us about $550. If the same work was done here in Canada he was looking at about $3000. He was really happy with the work and it is still doing great 2 years later.

    Kevin and Ruth


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