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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky (Day 3)

Yesterday evening after Kevin got back from the hotel where he had used the internet to post our blog,  we headed over to John and Ellen's (one of our followers) who made contact with us as they were coming to Mammoth Caves as well and wondered if we would be able to cross paths.  We had a nice evening with them talking about each of our RV travels.  We arranged to go for a hike with them for today.

Woke up to a slightly warmer morning today.  Temperature in Sherman was 52F (11C).  Had our coffee/tea and breakfast and then got ourselves ready for a morning hike.  Went over to John and Ellen's rig to collect them and off we went.  There are a number of trails around the Visitor's Center so we decided to walk over there and pick up a trail from there.  We started on the Historic Entrance Trail and then to Dixon Cave trail.  Dixon Cave entrance is still open but no one is allowed entrance into it, but you can get a nice view of the opening.  From there we went to the picnic area and got on to a trail there which took us down towards Green River and a nice overlook of the river.  We continued on and around to the campground keeping on the lower trail.  I think we probably walked about about 4 miles (6.5kms).  Whiskey came along as well and really enjoyed her walk and had no problem keeping up with us.  It was perfect weather and great company.

Dixon Cave entrance

John, Ellen, Ruth, and Whiskey on a hike

Kevin did a bit more repair work.  He removed the old caulking on the outside back section of Sherman like he had done in the summer on the other side and cleaned it all up and then put on some new.  When it is dry he will paint that bit as well.  I made a good pea soup for lunch and then sorted out a couple of the overhead bins again.  I didn't like the way I had it so I am trying something else again. 

We then went for a bike ride to Green's Ferry about a mile away.  It was a breeze getting there only problem was it was all down hill which meant that we had to go all the way uphill to get back.  Not easy when we haven't been using the bike over the summer, but we made it after stopping several times along the way.

We are seeing lots of deer.  Some are in the campground, just looking out Sherman's window.  Saw some nice bucks on our hike and then more deer again on our bike ride.

Anyway all for now.  Its getting dark out and we have to ride back to the campground and have supper. heading out of here tomorrow and making our way to Memphis Tennessee.


  1. It is nice to see you are enjoying your stay at the Caves, It is nice to take your time and see the sights as you go along. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Yes, we really enjoyed the park here. It is set in beautiful surroundings, would definitely recommend it if you are in the area.

    Ruth, Kevin and Whiskey.


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