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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Tuesday March 17…10:15pm

We were up before 7am, and I took Whiskey outside to do her thing. I’m standing overlooking the beach, and I see a couple of baby sea turtles making their way to the ocean.

I go back and tell Ruth, and she decides to go check it out. She comes running back, saying that just a few metres further away, a female is on the beach, digging the nest for her eggs! So we both go running back, and sure enough the female has nothing on her mind but getting that nest ready.

The tracks the mother leaves as she works her way to the nesting spot
And here's a mom laying some new eggs...usually between 80 and 120 each time

Also, we see about another 20 babies making their way to the ocean. It was really something…and at an odd time of the day. Normally, you would have to be sitting outside waiting from between 1am and 4am to maybe see something like this, and here it all happened a few metres outside our motorhome, and at sunrise so that I could take pictures. They say you’re not to use your camera flash at night because it bothers them.

And they come from this egg...

Here's some of the babies making their way to the ocean

The babies are about this big...

We got on the road at about 9am, and drove 45 minutes or so to a new RV park called Rancho Buganvilias. It’s nicely done, but a little expensive for our tastes. They wanted 210 pesos ($18.90 CAN $15.00 US) for a nice site with full hookups, but electricity is metered and costs extra. We carried on, and ended up crossing into the state of Colima, and had our last magnificent view of the Pacific ocean. We headed inland towards the city of Colima (pop 130,000).

Our last view of the Pacific

We had a pretty good idea of where we were headed in Colima. We had been told there was a Sams Club with a parking lot good enough for a motorhome, and a Walmart within walking distance from there. They’re both on a pretty busy street, but we got parked up at the Sams Club with no problems. We did walk to the Walmart, and because most of the parking area is covered it wouldn’t be good for an RV.

We were sitting here at about 5pm, when a man came up to our open window and said hello. He spoke okay English, and explained that he also owned a motorhome here in Colima and so we talked for a while. We said we were planning on heading downtown tomorrow, and he said he would take us there right away in his car. Well before we knew it, we were in his car and he’s taking us for a tour of the city. In fact, he brought us for an ice cream, and then to the nearby village of Comala where there is a “magic hill”. It’s one of those magnetic hills where you feel like you’re going downhill but if you stop and put the car in neutral you roll backwards. It was kind of neat.

Then, he suggested that we could park at another house he just bought which is vacant as he waits for a new tenant. On the way to check that out, he stopped and introduced us to his wife and children. It was getting dark by then, and I don’t like driving the motorhome at night so he said if we wanted to use the hot shower in the empty house he would take us there and bring us back afterwards, so that’s what we did. Tomorrow morning, he’s going to pick me up and I volunteered to help him with a couple of things he’s got questions about regarding his motorhome.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…507

March Fuel $181.60 CAN

March Grocery $186.19 CAN

March Overnight costs $ 87.90 CAN


  1. Wow, fantastic! Seeing the mother & baby turtles must've been one of the highlights of your year! Nothing quite so exotic here in Spain, although we did see several Griffon Vultures up close at Casares last week, wonderful! The locals in Mexico do sure seem friendly & accommodating! I look forward to reading more about your travels, take care, Sharon Mainprice x

    1. It was definitely an amazing thing to see. We saw it again at this same location one other year as well.

      We have also watched the Griffon vultures up close in Casares when we were there in January 2017. We loved that area and that town, it was so beautiful there.

      We find the Mexican people overall to be very friendly and helpful, they are one of the many reasons we keep coming back to Mexico. Thank you so much for following along with us. :-)


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