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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Valle de Juarez (day 3)

Saturday March 21…11:00pm

Another couple here, Ryan and Joanne, just bought an old Jeep because they are staying in Mexico for a while. They invited us to go for an open air tour of the nearby mountains to a place called El Tigre.

The jeep wasn’t running quite right, but we made it there and back anyhow. It was nice to be able to see some of the countryside around here, and we got some nice views of the valley. Even though the campground itself is at about 6,400 feet elevation, it is still warm during the day. But as we got up to about 8,500 feet, it was still a bit chilly and we could have brought a sweater.

Out in the for a mile, for a mile, fix...but a fun day anyhow

View of the valley

Another view

The Hacienda Contreras RV park

There are about 10 couples staying here just now, and we all got together at “happy hour” for a few games of Ladderball. This is a fun campground type game where two ladders with 3 rungs on each ladder stand about 20 feet apart and then you throw a thing that is really two golf balls attached together by a string about a foot long. You try and get the golf balls wrapped around the ladder rungs, and score points accordingly. We played until the sun almost went down. It’s a fun game.

Playing ladder ball during happy hour at Hacienda Contreras

In the evening, somebody lent us a copy of the recent movie Benjamin Buttons, with Brad Pitt. It was a little long, but not bad. Not to bed until after 11:00pm, and we want to get an early start tomorrow morning to head towards Guadalajara area.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…511

March Fuel $233.20 CAN

March Grocery $218.88 CAN

March Overnight costs $107.25 CAN

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