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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Saturday March 7…10:30pm

We were up before 7:00am, and on the road by 7:40am.

Mex 200 looks like this all the way down the coast. Actually, this is a good section...

Mex 200 under construction

It took us 4 hours to get to the Acapulco Trailer Park at Pie De La Cuesta, which is a few km’s the other side of Acapulco to the north. We took the slightly complicated bypass around Acapulco so that we didn’t have to deal with the traffic through the city which we had been told is a disaster.

In that 4 hours we did about 170 km’s. That included a very nice section of a toll road where we actually got to use the cruise control again for about 15 kms. That cost 73 pesos, but it was a very nice section of road.

At the Acapulco Trailer Park we arranged a price of 200 pesos ($17.20 CAN, $13.00 US) a night for 3 nights. That doesn’t include electricity, so we’ll see how long we make out with the solar panels shaded by the palm trees. If we have to, we’ll pay the extra 50 pesos to use the electricity on the last day.

After lunch, we took the local bus in to the nearest large grocery store, the Chedraui. It cost 4.5 pesos (39 cents CAN, 30 cents US) to take the bus for the 7 km trip, although it is the same price to take it all the way into the centre of town which is what we will do tomorrow.

The buses are all decorated whatever way the driver wishes to decorate them. Sometimes this includes a fancy exterior paint job, and sometimes it’s just a few decals placed on the interior. These can include anything from religious icons to naked women, and anything in between. And nobody cares. What a great way to do things!

On the bus ride back, a guy got on with a guitar. He played and sang for about 10 minutes, and then asked for a few pesos if you enjoyed his music. We gave him 2 pesos (slightly more than nothing) and so did a few other people. What a great way to break up the rush hour trip. He was really good. And then a guy got on with a cooler full of popsicles. What another great way to break up the trip. I tell you, people in other countries could get on much better if they were less uptight about these sorts of things! In Ottawa, the guy probably would have been arrested!

Sat out with Bob and Helen, a bilingual couple from Gatineau Quebec, just outside of Ottawa. We’ve bumped into them several times in Mexico, and were surprised to see them still here.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…498

March Fuel $ 87.00 CAN

March Grocery $ 79.26 CAN

March Overnight costs $ 27.70 CAN

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