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Friday, March 20, 2009

Valle de Juarez (day 2)

Friday March 20…10:30pm

We had a great sleep last night, using our comforter on the sheets for the first time in weeks. Temperature in the motorhome when we got up at 7am was 11C (53F). But by the time the sun started shining in a few minutes later it only took an hour or so to warm up.

Jerry and Paula (the couple from Nova Scotia) were heading into the nearby town of Mazamitla to explore, and we ended up hitching a ride with them. I brought the laptop, and we found a small hotel with wireless intenet and we sat and had a drink in their coffee shop and caught up on internet stuff.

Mazamitla itself is a friendly little town, and it gets a fair amount of tourism from Mexicans who maybe want to rent a cabin in the hills during summer where it’s a little cooler. We bought a jar of their local specialty…a spread made with sugar and milk. Has a bit of a caramel taste to it, and you could put it on ice cream or maybe pancakes.

Cathedral in Mazamitla

Not taking the motorhome down this street!

Fish for dinner?

Anybody got a good electrician?

We were invited for “happy hour” and met some of the other people currently staying here. But Ruth was cooking a roast pork, so we didn’t stay long as our supper was going to be ready.

They have the best showers here. Very well made washrooms, done to high standards. Probably the best shower I’ve had in 4 months…with real hot water!

They did a big campfire tonight, and it was fun talking to some of the other couples here. We’ve decided we’ll stay one more night and leave here on Sunday morning.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…510

March Fuel $233.20 CAN

March Grocery $218.88 CAN

March Overnight costs $100.80 CAN

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