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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Zihuatanejo (day 2)

Thursday March 12…

We decided to stay put for one more night. We have what seems to be a perfect free parking spot…shade in the morning, and then just enough sun to fully charge our batteries, and then shade for late afternoon.

And only a five minute walk to the beach. And free internet. What more could you want?

However, there was a cost involved with staying here, and it was that we decided to play tourist for the day. We rented some nice comfy lounge chairs and a beach umbrella for 100 pesos ($8.60 CAN, $6.50 US) for the day. This way, both we and Whiskey had some shade.

The people in the rental chairs next to us came and said hello. Dave and Sandy are from Minnesota originally, but now live near Phoenix Arizona. They are down here for 3 weeks. We were all watching the parasailing, and we assumed it was very expensive. My guess was about $50 US each. We watched one couple go up and come back after a 10 minute ride. I went and spoke to them and asked about it. They said it was a lot of fun, but over fairly quick. However, it was only 400 pesos ($34.40 CAN, $26.50 US) for the both of them. I considered this a pretty good deal, and it was something Ruth and I always thought would be fun, but way too expensive.

So we did it!

Getting ready for parasailing

Hooked up to the boat...

And we have liftoff...


Notice the's been like that for about a month now

Dave and Sandy watched our stuff, and took some great pictures of us using our camera. It only took a few minutes to get us hitched up, and before we knew it we were in the air. It really does feel like you’re flying, and it’s kind of neat doing it with someone, as opposed to just by yourself.

Anyway, another thing we can cross off our list of things to do!

Tomorrow we have to move on though. We’ll probably not have any internet for the next few days, but you never know. 3 or 4 more beach stops and then we will turn inland towards Colima and Guadalajara.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…503

March Fuel $ 87.00 CAN

March Grocery $154.08 CAN

March Overnight costs $ 62.10 CAN

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