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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Colima (day 2)

Wednesday March 18…8:45pm

Had a great nights sleep in the Sams Club parking lot. In fact, I woke up at one point during the night, and couldn’t believe how quiet it was outside.

Felipe came and got us at just after 8:30am. We went back to his place where he and his wife showed us their RV. It’s very rare for a Mexican to own a full size motorhome. We had mentioned that we were thinking of heading to Laguna de Maria which is about 30 kms north of Colima and had read where they have RV parking there. Felipe suggested that we may want to go there by car because it is uphill all the way and he was concerned that we might overheat trying to do it in the RV. We thought that he was saying that he and his wife would take us up there, but instead he just gave us the keys to his car and said we should just go! So we did.

We had a nice drive up there, and now that we’ve been we don’t need to go with the motorhome. Still, it was a nice setting with lots of hiking trails so I’m sure we could have spent a night or two there and enjoyed it.

Laguna La Maria near Colima,

We headed back to Felipes with the laptop, and showed his family some pictures of Canada.

Tomorrow morning we will head further north, past the Colima volcano, to a nice looking and reasonably priced RV park south of Lake Chapala.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…508

March Fuel $190.20 CAN

March Grocery $217.62 CAN

March Overnight costs $ 87.90 CAN

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