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Friday, March 13, 2009

Playa Azul

Friday March 13…9:45pm

We were up at 6:30am, and on the road at 8:45am. It seemed to take forever to get out of Zihuatanejo…the roads are bad, and we made one wrong turn that fortunately wasn’t a disaster because we got back on track pretty quickly.

The road from Zihuatanejo to Playa Azul was actually in pretty good shape most of the time. We actually had the cruise control on for a little bit. We could have taken a short section of toll road, but opted for the free road all the way around the industrial city of Lazaro Cardenas. But there was lots of traffic and topes.

We finally pulled into Playa Azul at about 11:30am. It took us 2 hours and 45 minutes to go 133 kms (86 miles).

We had read about the Playa Azul Hotel and so we knew that they have RV parking behind the hotel. It’s an actual gated area, situated between the two swimming pools. They have full hookups, but the hookups themselves are in pretty poor condition. They wanted 250 pesos for full hookups, or 200 pesos if we don’t use the electric. We’re only staying one night, so paid the 200 peso rate. It’s a bit pricey, and we realized afterwards that we should have looked around and probably could have found a beach spot for free or 50 pesos or something. But we didn’t, and now have had to force ourselves to use their swimming pools and facilities for the rest of the day.

Parked at the Hotel Playa Azul

They have one swimming pool only for hotel guests and a second pool with a water slide for anybody who wants to just pay to use the pool. But hotel guests can use either pool. We took Whiskey for a walk on the beach and then went for a swim in the pool.

Three dogs on the roof barking at was too funny!

One of the two swimming pools at the Playa Azul Hotel

Ruth did another small batch of hand laundry, while I spent the rest of the afternoon giving Sherman a bath. He sure needed a clean up, and now his hub caps are nice and sparkling.

Watched a DVD movie this evening. “In Search of America” with Jeff Bridges from 1971. Not very good, but what do you expect for a buck from Walmart!

Heading north again tomorrow.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…504

March Fuel $130.00 CAN

March Grocery $154.08 CAN

March Overnight costs $ 79.30 CAN

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