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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playa Zicatela

Tuesday March 3…10:15pm

We got up and spent some time getting Sherman ready to move. Marie and Alfredo came by and said they wanted to take us to another beach today, but they had to go into town first.

I said we were going to move to Alfredo’s uncles place at Playa Zicatela, and that I needed to find the internet. So we all drove over to Playa Zicatela together, and we had Marie and Natalia and Alfredo’s mother Silvia, and his older sister Leticia who all wanted a ride in the motorhome, while Alfredo followed behind with the pickup truck.

Uncle Eugenio operates a little beach house and restaurant. He rents rooms out and offers a place for backpackers to tent camp. There is one parking spot that is great for the motorhome, and thankfully it was empty when we arrived, so that is where we are parked. It’s really a beautiful spot, right on the beach. He won’t accept any money from us because we are Alfredo’s friends.

I found an internet spot within close walking distance, and I stayed there while Ruth went and did a bit of shopping with the others. When they came back, we were asked if we wanted something to eat at Eugenio’s restaurant, but they also had sandwiches planned for this beach we were going to, so we said maybe later.

We drove back south towards Huatulco about 20 minutes to a beautiful spot called Playa Agua Blanco. A totally undeveloped beach except for a few basic seafood restaurants. It would have been a perfect spot to park the motorhome for a few days, but we’re learning that this part of Mexico seems to have a lot of perfect spots!

Playa Agua Blanco

So we had a couple of hours on this beach and had our picnic lunch. Whiskey went swimming and we had fun climbing on the rocks and looking at the sea animals in the pools of water around the rocks. We even saw a small octopus.

Having lunch at Playa Agua Blanco

We rode in the back of the pickup truck back to Eugenio’s. It was time to say goodbye because Alfredo had to work and Marie was overtired from the wedding and all of the excitement related to that. Before they left, Marie asked Eugenio’s wife if she would cook us dinner at their restaurant. We didn’t have anything planned so it seemed fair that we should eat in the restaurant given that we are parking here for free. We said goodbye to our new Mexican friends, and then went for a walk on the beach before dinner.

We watched a beautiful sunset from the restaurant deck while waiting for the food. I had fish (the whole fish) and a salad, and Ruth had shrimp and salad and then we split everything in half and shared with each other. The fish was excellent. I like fish to begin with, but if all fish were done that way, I’d be eating it every day. Then, when we went to pay for it, she wouldn’t let us! She said that Eugenio left instructions that we were friends of the family and we weren’t to pay anything. They sure do make it tempting to want to stay even longer!

Ruth, watching the sunset

I think we should stay here another day!

Speaking of which, maybe we will drag out one more day here. It’s a beautiful spot.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…495

March Fuel $44.00 CAN

March Grocery $34.82 CAN

March Overnight costs $0.00 CAN

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