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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Zacatecas (day 2)

Thursday March 26…9:00pm

Alejandra took us into Zacatecas on her way to work. She didn’t have to be in early this morning, so it was about 10am when we left her place. Then, she gave us a quick tour of the historical area before dropping us off at the entrance to the El Eden silver mine, which is very close to downtown.
This mine was one of the longest operating mines in the world, producing silver and gold as well as smaller amounts of lead and zinc from 1586 to 1960. It was in continous operation for over 300 years. Unfortunately, the tour guide only spoke Spanish, and so we only picked up bits and pieces of what she was saying.
Then, at the end of the mine tour there’s an elevator that takes you near the top of the hill that houses the mine, and there’s a cable car that takes you across to another mountain and gives fantastic views of the entire city.

The tram car at Zacatecas

The main cathedal

We walked down the hill, about a 15 minute walk back to the city centre, where we explored some of the churches and the main cathedral.

Another interesting place we saw was the old bull fighting ring which has been restored and then turned into an expensive hotel. They did a fantastic job incorporating the bull ring into part of the hotel.

Old bull fighting ring, now a hotel

Ruth, in the park

Took the city bus back to where Sherman is parked. It cost 9 pesos ($0.81 CAN, 0.70 US) for the both of us to take the bus.

We had Alejandra and her son Antonio over for supper in the motorhome this evening, and Ruth made a curry.

We will leave here tomorrow, headed for Matehuala.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…516

March Fuel $330.20 CAN

March Grocery $269.31 CAN

March Overnight costs $145.09 CAN

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