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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Acapulco (day 2)

Sunday March 8…10:00pm

We left the trailer park at about 9:30am and wanted to catch a bus into Acapulco.

We had seen the local bus going by about every 10 minutes yesterday, but apparently things don’t happen as regularly on a Sunday morning. We walked almost 2 kms before a bus finally came by. This bus took us all the way to the main marina near the central area. There is a park there, and then we walked about another 2 kms (mostly uphill) to where the famous Acapulco cliff divers do their thing at La Quebrada. But the first show doesn’t begin until almost 1:00pm so we walked back down to the main waterfront and found a fortress museum that is free on Sundays. We really couldn’t spend much time there because we had to get back to the cliff diving area for the show.

One of many little beach areas in Acapulco

Where the cliff divers do their thing

The main city of Acapulco

The hotel zone

The dive show lasted about a half an hour. It cost 35 pesos ($3.00 CAN, $2.40 US) each, and included a cold drink. It was kind of fun, but I found it a little disappointing. There are 8 divers, and they each do a dive. They kind of try to build each other up, with anticipation as to when they are going to dive while waiting for the most opportune wave to come by to dive into. Then it’s over. From talking to people afterwards, apparently the evening shows are better because they dive into the water holding torches. I dunno, I thought it was hyped up to be more than what it was. I did get some good pictures though.

The cliff divers...some are not very old looking...

I like this shot!

The last diver

The bus ride back was interesting. As I said yesterday, the buses are all independantly owned and the owners can decorate as they wish. Got a good picture of our bus interior. Oh, so we’re going along, and all of a sudden we pull into a gas station. Well, city buses run low on fuel sometimes, so you have to get some more! So here’s this city bus pretty much full of people, and we pull in to get fuel. It was kind of funny, but I think Ruth and I were the only ones who thought it was odd.

The interior of the bus we took back to the trailer park

Most of the taxis in Acapulco are VW beetles. The Beetle was manufactured in Mexico long after they were stopped being sold in Canada or the US, and so there are a lot of them around. In Acapulco, it seems that every second vehicle on the road is a VW Beetle taxi.

Invited for happy hour with our neighbours and met a few other couples that are here. Watched the sunset…again. Every night has a perfect sunset.

Parked up at Acapulco Trailer Park

Yet another beautiful sunset in Mexico

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…499

March Fuel $ 87.00 CAN

March Grocery $ 79.26 CAN

March Overnight costs $ 44.90 CAN

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