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Saturday, December 15, 2007

San Quintin (day 2)

Saturday December 15...10:00pm

The guy two doors down had his generator running at 7:55am. Now we were already up and awake...but that doesn't matter. It's just not good campground etiquette to be running your genset when others might be sleeping. Some people's kids...! But despite that, we had pretty much already decided we were going to hang around here for another night.

Another beautiful sunny day...still not baking hot...but comfortable. I don't think it went much above 20 degrees today, but not much wind, and lots of sun. Walked down the beach for a bit this morning. Only other people we saw were 2 guys on horseback. Nobody else around for miles.

Ruth and Whiskey on the beach

The reception area of the campground

Harry and Sherman's parking spots

Spent a couple of hours cleaning up Sherman. Hadn't washed the bugs off the front end for a while, and reapplied the rain-away to the windshield. Ruth did some cleaning on the inside, as well as prepared the chicken enchiladas ahead of time as we were having the neighbours (Glen and Steve) over for dinner this evening. Made it to 4pm happy hour for a couple of more cheap drinks and played another game of Canasta after dinner.

Heading for another spot about a 3 hour drive tomorrow. We are getting into the good weather...now we are just looking for the perfect spot...somewhere really scenic, close to the beach, free, and biking distance to the grocery store. If it has internet, that would be a bonus! We find a spot like that and we'll likely spend a week or two there.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 63...

December Fuel $ 728.32

December Grocery $ 225.30

December Overnight Costs $ 32.00

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