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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Somebody stole my shoes...

Saturday December 29...10:30pm

I've been leaving my shoes and sandals outside the front door to help with keeping the sand out of the motorhome. This morning, as I go outside for the first time, my shoes have disappeared! Somebody took them. These were
my hiking shoes. They weren't new, but they still had lots of wear left in them yet. I guess we are getting too complacent in leaving things lying around...still, why would anyone take a used pair of shoes? Even stranger, there were a wet double pair of socks left near the back of Steve and Glen's motorhome. Very weird.

Steve and I went for a little walk down to one end of the beach hoping to spot my shoes, but to no avail. As we were coming back, we overhear one of the other campers talking about the guy down at the far end who had his 15hp boat motor taken sometime during the night. All of a sudden, my missing shoes seem pretty insignificant. Still, it doesn't leave any of us with a good feeling knowing that there's this sort of stuff going on. Going to have to keep everything under lock and key, I suppose.

I spend the morning reading all of the manuals that came with the motorhome, trying to get more info about our batteries and the generator and charging systems. I have a feeling that something isn't operating quite right with the charging system when the generator is running, but we still don't have enough experience with the new batteries to know if it's exactly right, or if I'm being too fussy with my expectations of the systems capabilities. I didn't gain anything from my reading, and will continue to monitor things.

After lunch, the guy who's boat motor was stolen came by our place asking about my missing shoes. He says his wife picked up a pair of shoes on the other side of the creek, and did I want to come and see if they were mine. Sure enough, they were my shoes! We're guessing that the thief had come across the creek and got his feet soaking wet. As they explored for goods, they saw my shoes sitting there and took them as a bonus. Who knows. But then they must have got spooked or just dropped them or something. Anyway, I feel bad for the guy missing his boat motor, but am happy to have my shoes back.

Played a bunch of games of backgammon with Steve. Made curried salmon loaf for dinner. Played rummy and euchre with Glen and Steve in the evening.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 77...

December Fuel $ 878.32

December Grocery $ 401.49

December Overnight Costs $ 96.00

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