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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kevin's post - Mexico Resort (day 3)

Thursday December 6th...11:30pm

I made my blister worse today. It actually felt fine, so I decided to walk into town. There's a new Walmart "Super store" in Manzanillo, so I was curious as to how different a Mexican Walmart is. Apparently Manzanillo has had very little new construction over the last 20 years,
but this year alone there had been the Walmart (which only opened in November) and a KFC and a Burger King. I haven't been able to figure out why Puerto Vallarta has been able to attract so many tourist dollars where Manzanillo has stayed relatively industrial despite having beautiful beaches. So I walked at least 3 km's each way to the Walmart. By the time I was half way back, my blister was letting me know it had had enough! And it was hot...I bought a bottle of water at Walmart (3 pesos...30 cents) and drank the whole thing on the walk back. This Walmart also has an internet café, and a full grocery section including fresh fruits and vegetables. Say what you will about American capitalism, but having a Walmart here will likely go a long way to improving the lifestyle of the locals.

New Walmart in Manzanillo

I hung around the pool again this afternoon, did some reading, and even went for a nap later on. The Mexicans staying at the resort tend to have very late meal times...even though breakfast opens at 7am, there's nobody there until almost 9am. And lunch doesn't open until 1pm, but most people go between 2pm and 3pm. And if you showed up for dinner at 7pm, you'd be the only one there. I've been going at about 7:45 just as it starts to get busier.

The pool at the Vista Playa Del Oro

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