A nice start to the day at Lower Mazinaw Lake, Ontario, Canada.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Friday, December 28, 2007

A typical day...

Friday December 28...9:45pm

We didn't do anything special today, so we thought we'd give you an idea of what a typical day is like around here.

Whiskey woke us up around 6:45am wanting her breakfast. Usually she waits until at least 7:00am, but this early rise for her is likely because she didn't get enough walks yesterday. I got up and gave her some breakfast, but went back to bed right away. The sun rises at about 7:20am now, so it was still pretty much dark outside when I got up. Oddly enough, we did manage to go back to sleep, waking again at about 7:45am. Usually, we get up when the dog does. But Whiskey had jumped back up on the bed after her breakfast and was pretty quick to go back to sleep herself. So we were up just before 8am, and boiled the kettle for coffee and tea. Had a bowl of cereal for a quick breakfast, and Ruth sat outside in the sun and did Sudoku puzzles and read a magazine. I read some of my book for an hour or so.

Spent quite a while with the fly swatter this morning. There are no bugs...at least no mosquitoes or anything that bites. But if you leave your front door open for any time at all, the flies come in. They get pretty dormant at night, even if they're inside your motorhome, but as soon as things warm up, they start to buzz around. So there's a good half hour every day that I must spend in swatting flies. It's not bad though...I'd rather swat flies than shovel snow! As I'm doing this, a local guy comes buy selling tamales and empinatas. He says they're 10 pesos ($1) each, and so we decide to buy 2 of each for lunch.

Ruth, Whiskey and I walked about 20 minutes to a little spot that overlooks the nearby community so that we can get on the internet. We do some banking and checking emails and then walk back to Sherman (our motorhome). On the way back, we meet one of the beach campers who is from Yukon area, and we talk about getting on the internet and I show her our little antenna. As with most people, she wants to know all about it. After our talk, we get back to the beach campsite, and see that the local propane truck has arrived to fill anyones propane needs as required. Because we were gone, Glen and Steve decided to fill our tank as well as theirs, and so now that's looked after as well. We then have a nice hot lunch of tamales and empinatas. The tamales are wrapped in corn husks with chicken filling that includes potatoe, carrot, and olive. The empinatas are a spicy chicken filling in a fried pastry. Delicious!

After lunch, Glen stops by from next door and asks if we want a 3 handed game of Canasta. Steve has had a little stomach bug, but he comes alive and says he'd like to play as well. The four of us surround the little table in Sheman and have a few games. In the meantime, we have a discussion about our generators and how little we use them. We decide to start up Sherman's generator and run a cord back to Harry (Steve and Glen's motorhome) so that the one generator can charge both batteries at the same time. Meanwhile, we also have our laptops plugged in and charging. And, because it's now around suppertime, Ruth uses the microwave to help with supper. We have enough to go around, so Steve and Glen stay for supper.

After we're done with cards, Steve and Glen head back to Harry with our little space heater (it still gets cool at night around here) and Ruth spends some time updating photo descriptions while I do some reading. After Ruth is done, I spend a few minutes writing this journal. We'll now take Whiskey for a little walk...and then it's bedtime.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 76...

December Fuel $ 878.32

December Grocery $ 401.49

December Overnight Costs $ 96.00

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