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Saturday, December 22, 2007

On the beach (day 2)

Saturday December 22...11:00pm

Whiskey got us up just in time to watch the sun rise this morning at around 7:05am. It was really pretty. Not a cloud in the sky the whole day, but there was a really strong wind that made it not as nice. I'm sure we won't get any
sympathy from anybody still in Canada, but with the temperature "only" around 20, and the really strong wind, it almost felt chilly today! Too funny...perspective is everything, isn't it?

Sunrise this morning

We're paying $6 a night to be parked at this nice little spot on the beach. Which reminds me, the guy didn't come and collect the money today. Out of the 15 or so spots on this beach, about 10 of them are taken up by "regulars" who come to this beach to spend all winter. One guy was explaining he has paid for exclusive use of his site for a 10 year period. I'm guessing he pays something like $1,000 a year for that privilige. Sure makes me wonder why anybody would stay north for that price. Most of these guys have themselves all set up with satellite TV and solar power...which makes for a pretty comfortable way to spend your winter in paradise.

Kevin and Steve in the Harry's palapa, Sherman is just in front of Harry

We took Whiskey for a hike up a nearby hill to get a view of the area. There are beach camping spots similar to this one at every little cove along the beach. Tomorrow we're going to walk in to a nearby village and see if we can get on the internet. If not, on Monday we will have to go into the town of Mulege, about 18 km's to the north. Also tomorrow, we're going to participate in the beach "gift exchange" where everyone puts in a $5-10 gift and we take turns opening presents. Should be fun. And then on Christmas day, they are organizing a beach Christmas dinner potluck.

The beach where we are parked for the week

Ruth and Whiskey on a hike

A different view of our beach

View of another beach on the other side of the point

Relaxing day...didn't do much of anything else.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 70...

December Fuel $ 878.32

December Grocery $ 350.44

December Overnight Costs $ 66.00

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