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Friday, December 7, 2007

Kevin's post - Mexico Resort (day 4)

Friday December 7th...

Kind of a lazy day today. Walked too much yesterday, so taking it easy today.

There are only about 10 Canadians at the whole resort, and only one American couple. The rest are all Mexicans. So us Canadians tend to hang around with each other. There's 2 couples in their fifties, 2 younger couples in their twenties, one single guy about 35 and one single guy about 60....and me. So I guess that's 11 Canadians. One of the couple in their fifties is nice and I've had meals with them several times. And the younger single guy and I are going to take the bus into the far side of town tomorrow and look at the shipping yards. Apparently it's fairly impressive to see.

After supper today, they had their "Las Vegas" show...fancy costumes and everything. It was fairly entertaining. Afterwards, I was invited to join some of the Canadians at a bar across the street where they have a live band playing. Kinda fun...beers were $2 each, so it was cheap...but it's way too late...didn't get to bed until 2am.

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