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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bahia de los Angeles

Monday December 17...9:15pm

Up early again this morning. It was going to be about an hour drive to the turnoff towards Bahia de los Angeles, a little rustic beach community that apparently has abundant sea life and nice scenery. The road is mostly flat in
this section, and we make pretty good time. Speed limit is only 80km/h, and that's the speed we feel safe and comfortable doing. The locals and the truck drivers totally ignore the speed limits as well as most other road signs. There is a reason there are so many roadside crosses and memorials. They really do drive crazy. The main road is in good condition, but it is only two lanes and there are absolutely no shoulders.

We get to the turn off and are happy to see that the road has been recently resurfaced. It's in such nice shape, but the speed limit is set at 60 km/h, which really makes no sense. We do most of the trip at about 75 km/h, and only see 3 other vehicles travelling in the opposite direction during the one hour drive from the main road to the town. As we get into the town, there is a brand new Pemex gas station here. We also noticed a new set of hydro wires leading all the way along the road from the main highway, so there is obviously some improvements coming to this little town. We stop at the side of the main road in town and see if we can figure where we're going to spend the night. I check the internet and am surprised to find a weak connection. Steve and Ruth go for a walk to inquire about RV parking, while Glen and I catch up on emails etc.

View of a long dormant volcano as we enter Bahia de los Angeles

Ruth and I made our way to the main grocery store in town. It's small, but well stocked with a good variety. Prices are not bad for most items considering we are well off the beaten path. Paid $4 for a container of cottage cheese, $2.50 for a dozen eggs, $5.60 for a tube of butter. Everything else was reasonable or cheaper than we would have paid at home. The $3 litre wine really helps with the budget!

The RV park in town is wanting $7 per night, with electricity from 5-10pm. We decide we'd rather look for camping on the beach and we drive a little north of town to a spot where there are no facilities, but it's right on the beach and camping is $2 per night. This is pretty close to ideal. If I had internet from here, I'd be a happy camper. But as it is, we can't complain. The scenery is beautiful, it's nice and peaceful, and the sun is shining. Now that we're back on the coast it's warmed up. Not sure what the temperature went to, but it's definitely t-shirt and shorts type weather.

Our camping spot by the beach

The view at Bahia de los Angeles

Steve suggested we go digging for clams, and there's a guy here from Alberta who's been coming to this spot for 20 years. He suggested we ride the bikes about 5 miles to a bay where you could fill a bucket with the most tender clams on the Baja in 20 minutes. Steve and I rode the bikes for about 2 miles before deciding the road wasn't in the best condition for bike riding. Too bad...would have liked to have tried the clams.

Whiskey is tired tonight. Ruth and I took her for a long walk before supper out to a lighthouse on the point. She loves walking on the beach! This is a pretty spot so we'll likely stay here for the day tomorrow. That's if we can figure the $2 camping into our budget!

Whiskey in her favorite spot

Oh, thanks for all the concern because we hadn't updated the trip journal for a few days. But we're learning that finding regular internet connections is not as easy here, so if you don't hear from us for a few days, it's likely because we're camped on a beautiful beach somewhere in paradise.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 65...

December Fuel $ 788.32

December Grocery $ 283.94

December Overnight Costs $ 40.00

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