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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bahia de los Angeles (day 2)

Tuesday December 18...9:00pm

Relaxed for the morning. Clear and sunny...temperature about 22 degrees. Spoke to one of the regulars here...an older guy from Alberta who says that the last week here has been terrible weather. Hopefully today is the start of a
new trend. Another older guy who's been coming here from B.C. every winter for the last 20 years stopped by with a couple of photo albums depiticting the various hiking and fishing trips he's done in the area. Really good pictures. One photo shows a couple of the giant cactus with old Indian arrows stuck through them. Thing is, an arrow will only stick through that kind of cactus when the cactus is very young...these cactus are about 20 feet high, and they only grow about an inch per year.

The view out our window when we woke up this morning

Ruth and I rode the bikes into town while Steve and Glen looked after Whiskey. There's a neat free museum there. Lots of interesting things from the area. The woman working there speaks perfect English. It turns out she's from Los Angeles area, and she and her husband have been living down here permanently for about 20 years. She asked us to sign their guest book. As I did so, I noticed it hadn't been signed since December 15th. As we've seen with the campgrounds, there aren't very many tourists around. The U.S. newspaper reports of the odd robbery in the Baja have been really sensationalized and it's made a lot of regular RV'ers stick with other areas. Better for us, as everything has been made slightly cheaper as a result.

An old whale skeleton at the museum in town

We were hoping to go whale watching tomorrow near Guerrero Negro, but we are hearing that the whales haven't shown up yet. This is the area where the whales from Alaska and the Bearing Straight come to have their calves. It's supposed to be good from December through February, so we'll check around town while we're there tomorrow. Not sure where we will end up tomorrow night, but we need to do laundry soon, so will play it by ear.

A beautiful sunset

Just a tiny bit later

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 66...

December Fuel $ 788.32

December Grocery $ 283.94

December Overnight Costs $ 42.00

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