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Monday, December 10, 2007

Ruth's post - Shelter Island, San Diego (day 2)

Ruth and Colin's Day - Monday, December 10

We had a nice relaxing kind of morning, Sherman was moved to the parking lot off the street where we will stay for the day, before going back to the street tonight. You can`t park overnight in the parking lot, they only allow parking between 6am and 10pm, but there is no problem parking on the street at night.

Sherman parked on the street at Shelter Island

A naval ship in the bay

View of San Diego from Shelter Island

A fishing statue at Shelter Island

I do up some Christmas cards for family while having my breakfast and tea, so that Colin can take them back with him. We take Whiskey for a nice walk along the pathway that runs beside the bay and look at all the seabirds, boats, yachts, and naval ships, as they have a training center nearby, Colin enjoyed seeing them.

Later we decided to take the bikes for a ride to "Old Town" which is about four miles away and consists of old buildings that were in San Diego many years ago, sort of like Upper Canada Village, only smaller and free. It was a pretty area to walk around and the buildings sold tourist stuff in them, but not junkie things, they were nice stuff, like homemade fudge, candy, jams, candles, teas and handicrafts. Some buildings were restaurants. We ended up walking there as the back brakes on my bike were siezed up. On the way there we also picked up some things for Alex for Christmas and items we needed for supper tonight. We took the bus back though as it was starting to get late and we left Whiskey with Glen and Steve and she would be looking for her supper.

Immaculate Conception Church in "Old Town" San Diego
Someone has a little too much money!

Sunset over downtown San Diego from Shelter Island

We had a nice BBQ supper which we shared with Glen and Steve, they also contributed to the meal. Got the motorhomes back on the street and then started getting things ready for tomorrow. Packaged up Alex`s things for Christmas, so Colin could mail them for me the next day. Then off to bed.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 58...

December Fuel $ 639.24

December Grocery $ 156.74

December Overnight Costs $ 0

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