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Monday, April 23, 2012

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands seems like it could be an interesting place to visit.

I wonder if you can visit the Cayman Islands inexpensively? I'm sure that if it was a place you really wanted to go there must be a way of finding out of the way inexpensive places like just a hammock on the beach or a cabana.

Not sure it's the type of place I would go for a Family Vacation Carribbean type of thing. But I'm sure there's lots of things you could find to do as a family there. Sure is pretty isn't it?

Does look like a beautiful place though, doesn't it?

So if you want to visit the islands, I would suggest the Cayman Islands. What a great way to get away from the cold and ice and snow, and you could even visit in the summertime. They have flights that go there year round. It might be tough to find a good price though. Probably doen't go on sale very often. Might be better getting a charter flight to Dominican Republic and making your way to Cayman Islands from there. Or maybe even on a boat. That would be fun!

So next time you want a vacation, have a look at the Cayman Islands.

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  1. Great place to visit! My husband and I found tickets on sale (in 2011) $79 each way! Stayed in a B & B breakfast was included plus they had a grill in the backyard, making lunch/dinner very affordable. The best part is the Snorkeling!!! You don't need a boat like in Belize to get to the beautiful reefs of Grand Cayman.



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