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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

May Expense report... just under budget. Sort of.

We had a budget of $2,650 CAD for the month of May, and we spent $2,455 CAD ($1,808 USD, €1,700). 

Pretty happy with that, considering we started the month in Spain, we brought Max on a 28 hour boat ride, we toured the entire south coast of Ireland, then drove all the way across the country and spent a couple of days touring Dublin. I'd say we did really well!

But I said "sort of", because the credit card bill will actually be quite a lot higher. I bought our flights back to Canada, but they won't get expensed here until we actually use them at the end of August and the middle of October. It gives a more accurate representation of our costs this way. 

In the meantime, lets look at how everything broke down. The following figures are in $CAD...

Fuel: We spent $231 on diesel fuel for Max. Not bad. But he's down to 1/3 of a tank so June will likely be higher.

The sun sets for the last time this month.

Toll Roads: Our biggest expense of the month was the ferry from Spain to Ireland at a cost of $579, then there were some minor road and tunnel tolls that brought the total in this category to $599.

Propane: We had to fill both tanks, so a total cost of $47.

Groceries: Better than expected! We are finding grocery prices to be not bad here in Ireland. We spent a total of $435 for the month which is below our average for a "western" country. But, we did have a couple of meals on the ferry, and a couple of meals at the wedding, so that would make a bit of a difference.

Meals Out: A total of $68, all for meals consumed on the ferry. Yes, we'll make it out for an Irish pub meal at some point in June!

Alcohol: We spent $99 stocking up on cheap beer and wine before we left Spain. We've been pacing ourselves with it, and it'll last us a couple of more weeks yet!

Miscellaneous: A total of $270 which is higher than normal. We bought a fare amount of clothing. Besides our charity shop wedding outfits, I bought a pair of hiking pants. And we spent $60 on cellular internet access, and $38 on laundry!

Entertainment: $20 on two drinks at the bar prior to the wedding.

Overnight: A total of $450, mostly because of our two night hotel stay at $210 a night. We also spent $30 on two nights of motorhome parking throughout the month. Otherwise we free camped.

Motorhome: Speaking of which, we include here a $235 monthly fee for our motorhome registration, insurance, and roadside assistance. We paid this in advance last year, but include it as a monthly fee to more accurately reflect our expenses of living and traveling by motorhome.

So, a total of $2,455 CAD.

We have a planned budget of $1,490 CAD for the month of June as we continue our motorhome adventure in Ireland.

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