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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Our wedding wardrobes are coming together

Up and on the road at 6:30am again to beat the traffic. Not a long drive, just about 40 minutes from our peaceful overnight spot at the cemetery to the Westlodge Hotel Motorhome Park.

Campgrounds in Ireland are pricey enough... usually ranging anywhere from €20 to €40 a night. We would rarely have the need or desire to stay in a place like that. But there is the occasional dedicated motorhome parking area that is €10 ($15 CAD, $11 USD) a night and has a service area to empty your holding tanks and fill your fresh water tank. If we can't find a free place to do those chores, then this is the next best thing.

A few dreary sky photos of the scenery along the way...

Of course it was very early when we arrived, and we were surprised to see only two other motorhomes in a lot that would probably hold thirty. I expected it to be busy given the decent price and the lack of facilities in the area.

We waited a couple of hours, then went and paid at the fancy hotel reception desk.

By after lunch, the skies had cleared and we walked into the town of Bantry.

A house built on a bridge.

Bantry is a small cruise ship destination. 
The Seabourn Ovation "ultra luxury" cruise ship is in port.

Nice mural at a pub.

Bantry main street.

It turns out that the town of Bantry (pop 2,700) has five or six different charity shops. We're still on the hunt for some items for our wedding wardrobe, so that kept us busy for a while. I found a pair of pants at one, then a pair of shoes another. 

The shoes story was kind of funny. They didn't have many pairs on display, so Ruth asked if they had any others hidden in the back. The girls say "well, follow me upstairs and you can sort through them yourself". There were about six or seven boxes and bags. But none of them were in pairs, so if you found one you liked, you would have to search to see if you could find the one that matched.

I had waited downstairs. Then outside for a while. Then back inside. Still no Ruth. Eventually, the girl sends me upstairs to join her. I should have taken a photo. There were shoes everywhere!

Ruth had found one she liked, but we couldn't find the one for the other foot. However, we did find a pair that fit me well, but they were a little scuffed up.

Back downstairs, I asked if they would put them aside for me while we checked out the other charity shops. It was a guy at the cash this time and he insisted that I take them for free since we had spent so much time up there looking!

At another shop I got a tie for €1, so my wardrobe is now complete. We're still looking for shoes for Ruth, and then we're ready.

Water wheel at the Bantry Library.

Bantry House.

Looked like it would have been interesting, but they wanted €14 ($20.50 CAD, $15 USD) per person for the tour which we thought was a bit steep.

Back at the motorhome park, there were two girls playing outside. They came close enough to Max that we could hear they were speaking a different language. I had seen a sign on the community notice board advertising cleaning services  and it said that it was a Ukrainian woman with minimal English. We also heard what we thought was Ukrainian from some people walking down the street.

Anyhow, sure enough these two little girls are refugees. They were six years old, and we think they live in one of the rental cottages at the hotel. Ruth gave them each a Canada flag pin.

They were pretty excited to see Max's interior.
Next thing you know, they were back with a friend who could also get a pin.

Amazing how fast kids that age can learn a new language. Their English was still pretty basic, but it's coming along.

Nice quiet night, and we were up early again. No idea where we'll end up tonight, but we're heading in the direction of Dublin.

Almost a record low deal on this Intex Above Ground Pool.

And in Canada...

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