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Saturday, May 13, 2023

Who doesn't love Ireland?

We went for a wander around the village of Inistioge, and ended up getting sidetracked onto a beautiful four km walk that led up to a castle ruins with a view of the village.

And, we're really lucking out with the Irish weather. We had set our expectations low, as we always try to do, so when it turns out better than expected, we're very happy! 

Cloudy, with sunny breaks, and a high of 18C (66F). Calling for the same today, but with more sun and a degree or two warmer. We'll take it!

The first place we stopped was "the wisteria house"
How pretty is that?

This cottage with a beautiful wisteria tree out front only blooms in May and June, so we were right on time for it. 

Just down the road was the beginning of this path.

Along the side of the path, we came across this monument.

On further research, it seems these four young lives were lost when the car they were driving went off the road and into the River Nore.

Things sure are green!

This heron posed perfectly still for his photo.
He was thinking "If I don't move, they won't see me."

Ruins of Mount Sandford Castle (1765).

From the ruins, there's a window you can reach that offers a beautiful view of the village below...

Ruth, enjoying the view.

View of Inistioge, Ireland.

Back on the forest loop walk.

We met a lady walking her dog and said hello. Of course our accent eventually causes people to ask where we're from, and that leads to more conversation. The Irish love to talk! And so friendly. 

St. Mary's Priory in Inistioge.

The village of Inistioge.

We spoke to another woman sitting outside her house enjoying a morning coffee. She turned out to be a photographer who gave us some postcards featuring photos that she had taken. 

When we have mentioned over the past few months that we were coming to Ireland, everybody we spoke to said "oh, you'll love it", and "oh, it'll be right up your alley". And so far, we totally love it. In fact, I don't think anybody has said anything bad about it. Who doesn't love Ireland?

From there, we drove about 10 kms to the 12th century ruins of Jerpoint Abbey, a monastic compound that was occupied from 1180 to 1541. We had free entry with our English Heritage pass. 

The guy at the entrance booth wasn't very busy and he spent maybe ten minutes giving us a history lesson. Quite interesting, and just a wealth of knowledge.

This wall dates from the mid 1300's.

The tower.

These abbeys were all vacated during the dissolution of the monasteries ordered by King Henry VIII. I actually didn't know anything about this, so it's another one of those "you learn something new every day" moments. You can click the link above if you want to learn more.

Jerpoint Abbey is known for the number of stone carvings found there.

This tomb is over 800 years old.

Interesting stuff.

From there, we drove about a half hour or so to the west side of Waterford. Found a nice quiet carpark on the River Suir right beside a bike path, walking trail that runs along the river.

First time on an Irish motorway.

The laneway leading to our overnight spot.

After dinner we went for an evening power walk along the river.

All that remains of Kilmeaden Castle.

Sunset view from where we were parked.

This morning, we got up and drove right away to the town of Dungarvan.

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And in Canada...


  1. It's hard to believe how beautiful it is! The forest loop walk looks almost unreal. And the wisteria house - bestill my heart!

    1. Everything here is so green and lush. The loop trail was beautiful, there were so many ferns and vine covered trees, it was a delight to hike through it. The wisteria house was falulous, I can't believe have gorgeous it was and that we seemed to catch it at it's peak is even more amazing.


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