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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

The pretty little town of Lierganes

We got up at 7:00am and drove right away to try and avoid any traffic issues around Santander. And we were pretty successful, although it was still busy enough.

We weren't going far... only to the town of Lierganes about 35 kms (22 miles) away.

On the main highway at 7:30am.

Then onto a scenic secondary road.

Yesterday's drive, 35 kms (22 miles).

Although our coastal spot the day before was pretty, Max is now covered in salt spray due to all the wind and we'll have to find a power wash place over the next couple of days and get him cleaned up. I know some of you like photos of the sea, but for now we are headed back inland! Don't worry though, I'm sure we'll get lots more coastal photos for you during our time in Ireland starting next week.

At first glance, Lierganes is a really pretty spot. I think we'll enjoy it here. But their motorhome parking area is not very well organized. It's just a parking lot by the local train station. There's only one train that comes and goes about once an hour, but it's electric and hardly makes any noise. Then it stops overnight, so it's really pretty quiet. It has a dump and fill station, but it's not very well set up, with an oddball connection for the fresh water. Then, even though the motorhome parking area is well marked, the sites aren't really large enough and it's often used by cars as well. 

Not ideal, but we got Max into a spot where he's not too crowded. And as I said, the surrounding area is really pretty, so I think we'll spend a couple of days and go for some nice walks.

The town of Lierganes.

As I said, there was an oddball connection on the fresh water tap. So we stopped into the local "ferreteria" (hardware store) to buy a hose connector that size. We've come across this before, so I don't know why it's taken me almost two years to go out and buy the thing! I suppose because I have one of those water thief things that we've always somehow made do. But it will be easier with the proper connection when we come across these odd ones.

That looks like a hill that will be worth climbing.

We headed up to the old church above the town...

Looking back at Lierganes.

What a gorgeous area!

Heading up the old steps to the old church.

Built in the 14th century, the old church is no longer used.

Scenery along the way.

Just beautiful.

Wandering back through town.

Fancy restaurant.

In the town square.

The town square.

One of the main attractions in the town is an old bridge. Some people call it a Roman bridge but it was actually built in 1587.

This guy has a pretty spot.

View from the top of the bridge.

Statue by the river.

Francisco the fish boy.

The condensed version of the legend is that a young man from this town was working in Santander and one day went swimming with a group of friends. He was known as an excellent swimmer and often would go for a long swim out into the sea, but on this said day in 1676 he never returned. 

Five years later in Cadiz—on the southern coast of Spain near where the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet— a man was found in the water who was ½ out of his mind and not able to talk except for the word “Liérganes.”  Someone recognized that word as the name of the town in Cantabria and he was brought back, but when he was a few kilometres away they allowed him to find his way back on his own—which he did, to his home where his widowed mother and siblings were still living. He never recovered an ability to speak more than three or four words and nine years later he disappeared again, this time for good. 

Slept fine last night! Looks like it's warming up a bit today, with a forecast high of 30C (86F), but back down to a fairly normal 21C (70F) tomorrow. We're headed off to do a walk!

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  1. What a beautiful place! I love its vibe. And the story of the fish boy is very intriguing.

    1. It is a really pretty place, we like it here too. The people are friendly, there is a fruit and veggie shop with a very friendly shopkeeper. A nice family run grocery store with decent prices and a clean and cheap laundromat as well. Plus the scenery is fantastic! It is fun when a town has a legend behind it, you are always wondering if it is true or not.


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