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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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Saturday, May 20, 2023

We needed some wedding clothes!

It's just about time for us to head up towards Dublin. We are going to a wedding on May 25th in a town called Leixlip that is located just 20 kms or so west of the center of Dublin. We're going to stay in the nice hotel where the wedding is taking place for two nights, so it'll be like a little mini vacation for us!

Before we left Kilbrittain, we went for a nice trail walk through the woods into the village.

Really pretty walk!

Perfectly straight pine trees!

Then the forest changed to another type of tree.

Inside the village church.

This fin whale washed ashore nearby in 2009, and they saved the bones.

The village of Kilbrittain.

Kilbrittain Castle.

Said to be the oldest inhabited castle in Ireland.
Built between 1035 and 1070.

Back at Max, we headed to the town of Clonakilty.

I had seen on google maps that they have a few charity shops in Clonakilty, and we needed some wedding clothes!

Not a bad little town. We ended up picking up a few things at the brand new Aldi store, then carried on to the charity shops. Along the way into town I had seen a gas station advertising diesel at €1.408 ($2.06 CAD) per liter ($5.78 USD per gallon) which is the cheapest we've seen since we arrived in Ireland. We made a point of topping up the tank on our way out of town.

Ruth finally bought a dress. And I got a blazer and a dress shirt. Spent a total of €22 ($32 CAD, $24 USD). Now just need a pair of pants and a tie, and we both need shoes. We've been in a lot of charity shops over the past couple of weeks!

Whale statue in Clonakilty.

Made our way back down to the coast and found a nice overnight spot for Max...

Max, parked for the night at GPS 51.560804, -8.983798

This is what the Wild Atlantic Way attraction signs look like.

Because we need to head up towards Dublin soon, and we doubt we'll make it back down to this area, we are going to head directly to Mizen Head this morning. The most southwestern point in Ireland.

Nice deal on this beginner GPS Drone. Record low, plus there is a $20 off coupon showing.

And in Canada...


  1. Such interesting and beautiful photos and places. The whale skeleton is amazing! I look forward to seeing photos of you in your wedding clothes. And you can tell the happy couple that May 25 might just be a lucky day for marriage. My husband and I married on that special day in 1985, and here we are, nearly 38 years later! :)

    1. We are so glad that you are enjoying the pictures, Ireland is a very beautiful country and we are loving the pretty and quaint villages and towns along the way, The coastline is amazing, we aren't beach people but we love a rocky coastline, especially with some of the lovely cliff walks that they have here.

      We will definitely mention this to Barb and John when we see them. This is going to be a fun wedding and we are really looking forward to it and to meeting a bunch of new people. You are only one year and a few weeks behind us in years of marriage. Happy Anniversary! :-)

  2. Great pine forest walk and pictures. We can't wait to see some castles!

    1. It was a pretty forest walk, we loved to tall straight trees, Trust me you will see lots of castles, unfortunately some are on private land, like the one above and they aren't accessible. :-(


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