View from our 8th floor hotel room at Con Cuong, Vietnam.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Vinh, Vietnam.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

We've been so lucky here in Ireland!

One of the benefits of staying in this fancy hotel is that we get a full breakfast included. And I mean full... it's done buffet style, but there is a large selection of items. We had stayed up fairly late the night before, so we slept in a bit and went for breakfast about 9:30am.

And we ate so much for breakfast that we didn't need any lunch!

My plate...

A great way to start the day!

And then they had this really thick Greek yogurt mix with fresh fruit. It was delicious.

Then we sat outside on the patio and socialized with some of the other guests.

Notice the clear blue sky! We've been so lucky (so far!) here in Ireland. We're reading about much of Italy and France suffering with non-stop rain the last two weeks. 

It did cloud over in the afternoon, but still a nice day overall. High temperatures are about 18C (66F) but it's supposed to go up to 21C (70F) today.

Leixlip Manor Hotel.

Just a tree!

The grounds at the hotel.

In the afternoon we went off to do some exploring on foot. There's an odd attraction called "The Wonderful Barn" a couple of kms away.

Ruth, at the base of The Wonderful Barn.

It was built in 1743.  The generally accepted theory of its use as a granary. The barn was built in the years immediately following the famine of 1740-41, as there was a need for new grain stores in case of another famine. The Conollys owned Kilmacredock and rented it out, so the barn was also useful for their tenants.

The dovecote.

The Wonderful Barn.

We ended up doing 7 or 8 kms (4 or 5 miles) so it was good to get out for some exercise.

At 6:00pm there was a group BBQ and we had more food! We were stuffed again! Didn't take any more photos other than one of Barbara and John cutting their wedding cake.

Barbara and John cutting the cake.

What a great time we had sharing in their festivities and meeting other friends and family. We look forward to seeing them again when we are back in Canada in September.

Today, I think we're going to drive to the eastern side of Dublin near the port and spend a couple of days visiting the city.

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And in Canada...

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