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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Cahir Castle and the Swiss Cottage

We got into Cahir early, well before any of the shops were open, and we found a perfect parking spot right in town beside the river. 

We're finding that because most motorhomes end up on the coast, there are very few inland. Actually, it makes us want to rethink some of our routing because although the coast is beautiful, there is a lot to see inland as well. 

Cahir Castle is magnificent. And, we have included entry due to our English Heritage pass that we bought last September when we were in England. So once things opened up, that was our first stop.

View of Cahir Castle from where we were parked.

Built in the 13th century.


Thick castle walls.

Word is that this cannonball became stuck in the castle wall during the siege of 1599.

Looking back at the town of Cahir from the castle entrance.

If you click the photo to zoom in, you can see where Max is parked.

I zoomed in from one of the interior rooms.

Those are some big antlers!

Scale model of the castle during the Siege of 1599.

Even though we got in for free because of our English Heritage pass, I thought it would have been worth the standard €5 entrance fee. Maybe it's because we love castles!

We went back to Max for some lunch and a rest, and then walked the 2 kms each way to the Swiss Cottage. This is another area attraction that is available through our English Heritage card by guided tour only.

Cahir Castle had been owned by the powerful Butler family. Back in the early 19th century, it was common for wealthy landowners to have a country cottage... even if said cottage was located only 2 kms from your big castle!

Built around 1805.

The Swiss Cottage was built around 1805 and remained in the Butler family until the last of the lineage passed away in 1961. It was neglected during the 1970's and 1980's until it the property was donated to the office of public works in Ireland, who collected donations totaling €500,000 to complete its restoration between 1985 and 1989.

Unfortunately, no photos of the interior are allowed. The tour and guide were good, but I'm glad we didn't have to pay the standard €5 for it.

Our next stop was an old church and cemetery...

Yes, Ireland is very green!

Walking back to town.

Downtown Cahir.

The post office.

This church is different.

Too bad the grounds were closed.

We liked our spot by the river so much that we decided to stay put for the night. Still about two hours driving to do this morning, but the wedding doesn't start until 3:30pm, so we've got lots of time.


And in Canada...

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