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Sunday, May 14, 2023

A beautiful day in Dungarvan, Ireland

We hit the road early again and arrived at our destination at the seaside town of Dungarvan before 8:30am. 

There is a popular paid motorhome parking area here that has dump and fill facilities and a nice view facing the water. We wanted to arrive early to try and secure a spot. We were almost too early!

But our timing was perfect. As we were driving through town, we saw a motorhome going the other way, so we assumed correctly that they must have just left and there would be a spot open. 

Ruth, at the gardens in Dungarvan.

The busy motorhome area at Dungarvan.
Max is third from the far end.

There's a €10 ($14.70 CAD, $10.85 USD) fee to park here for 24 hours, but you also get to use the facilities which is why we are here. It's not as easy in Ireland to find free places to empty your holding tanks, but there are regular places like this, which if we have to fork over €10 once a week it's okay.

The tide is going out.

Dungarvan Bay.

Ruth, knocking on the door to Dungarvan Castle.
It doesn't open for the tourism season until the end of May.

Dungarvan harbour. 
Notice the nice blue sky!

We found a photo of a painting from 1820.

And found the spot to recreate the painting!

Looking back at the bay from the bridge.

Downtown Dungarvan.

View out Max's windshield.

Nice old stone building.

Almost all of the signs are bilingual.
Irish and English.

Statistics say that around 40% of the population of Ireland can speak Irish, but only 2% say they use it as their daily language at home. It's still taught in schools though, and some elementary schools use it as the full time language. But everybody can speak English, although sometimes it's difficult to understand!

Looks like some clouds and showers have moved in, so it's a good day to find a laundromat.


And in Canada... 

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