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Friday, May 12, 2023

Shaking hands with President Kennedy

There's a big Tesco superstore on the outskirts of the town of New Ross, and we needed to pick up some groceries. So we headed there first thing.

This gave us our first real look at grocery prices in Ireland. It's far cheaper here than Canada, in fact we think that groceries here might be cheaper than in Spain! If you're a drinker though, you'll make up for it in alcohol prices, which are similar to Canada. Maybe even a little higher.

And they had the best selection of gluten free products that we've ever seen.

So many types of gluten free bread!

Had to laugh when I saw this stack of Molson Canadian beer.
At Canadian prices!

Cell SIM card.
€20 ($29.50 CAD, $22 USD).

They also had a "buy any three for €10" deal on meat. We bought four large pork chops, 550 grams (over a pound) of lean ground beef, and a whole chicken for a total of €10 ($14.75 CAD, $11 USD). So we are well stocked up on meat now.

With the fridge full, we left Max in the Tesco parking lot and walked into the town of New Ross. 

New Ross is where JFK traced back much of his heritage, and JFK actually visited the town during his presidency five months before his death.

The Three Bullet Gate Pub.

Scenery along the way.

New Ross Parish Church, built between 1895-1903.

The door was open, so we went inside.

It has an interesting ceiling.

New Ross also has a lot of fantastic murals.


Along the waterfront at the river there are several monuments to the JFK visit in 1963...

Along with a full size statue of Kennedy willing to shake hands with anybody who wants to!

Turns out JFK and I have the same body build... about 6'0", and 172 lbs.
He looks a little taller than me... maybe I'm shrinking!

It's a colorful town!

The Emigrant Flame.

A replica of one of the great potato famine emigrant boats.

Good thing the Pope showed up!

Back at Max in time for lunch, and just after we sat down it started spitting with rain, so our timing was good. We sat it out, but it kept raining on and off, coming down pretty hard at times. We were planning on driving another half hour to an abbey ruins, but with the rain we didn't really see the point. We found an overnight spot at a nearby recreation center. Not scenic, but we didn't want to drive in the rain.

This morning, we got up and drove right away to a nearby village and found a nice parkup to have breakfast beside the river...

Max, parked in the village of Inistioge.

This morning we are going for a walk along the river, and then headed to the abbey. Calling for a high of 20C (68F) today!

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And in Canada...


  1. What a charming town - I love the colorful street! It's strange that alcohol is so pricey there; you always hear about Irish pubs and all the beer people drink there. I would have thought it would be cheap! Que lastima!

    1. It was a a nice town with a pretty old town area. We thought the murals were fantastic and I am sure that we still missed some of them. Yep, that was a very colourful street and even other streets had lots of colour on the buildings.

      Nope, booze prices here are very much Canadian prices, so unfortunately I am not sure that we will do much drinking in the pubs let alone Max once our Spanish wine and beer are gone.


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