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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Portrane Cliff Walk

We did a long drive of about 14 kms (8 miles) yesterday! Just for a change of scenery, really. Although, I had read of a cliff walk path that looked interesting.

Yet another gorgeous day. All of these beautiful days are starting to make weather news here in Ireland because it's rare to have such a stretch of them. And they are expected to continue for at least another week.

We're actually not experiencing the best part of it because it is cooler here in the east. The west coast is getting sunshine and 25C (77F), while we are quite a bit cooler, and with a breeze. But even with 18C (65F), we are quite happy!

So, we moved over to Portrane and got parked up with a beautiful view of the sea. We relaxed for a while, then went to check out the coastal cliff walk.

Ruth liked the way this gate is made.

The coast at Portrane.

So we got to the cliff walk and it was blocked off. They had made another path on the other side of a stone wall, but of course you don't get the views. Okay. So we set off on the inner path, but along the way we saw the occasional person walking on the outside path... the one with the views.

This guy found himself a great spot to set up camp!

Beautiful blue sky.

This is an odd tower.

We tried to get to it, but it's on the property of a psychiatric hospital. 

Donabate Beach.

So we got to the end of the trail, and saw this...

And I said, we had see people walking on it. 

So we walked around the barrier as obviously hundreds of people have done before us. And we met a woman going the other way and jokingly asked her if the trail was about to collapse. She laughed and said she thought they were being over cautious. 

Ruth, on the dangerous trail.

And yes, the views were better.

Back at Max, the tide was all the way out...

View from our side window.

Same view, three hours later.

Sunset on the last day of May.
Max, at GPS 53.493159, -6.105788

And our view from inside.

Today, we are going to a local Irish pub for dinner! No special occasion, but this pub gets great reviews, advertises honest homestyle Irish cooking, a great ambience in a pub that has been serving weary travelers for over 400 years... and it offers free overnight parking for motorhomes. 

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And in Canada...

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