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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

I think we must be approaching a record number of beautiful, free overnight spots!

Regular readers know that we don't use campgrounds very often, especially when they are as expensive as they are here in Ireland. Max is self sufficient, and we don't have the need for all the services a campground offers. 

Plus, Ireland offers so many gorgeous free overnight possibilities!

For example, Monday night we stayed at another graveyard parking lot. These are often off the beaten path and sometimes not even mentioned on the park4night app so we're sometimes the only ones around. Makes for a nice peaceful night.

Max, overnighting at the Burrishoole Abbey ruins.

As you can see in the photo above, it was raining when we got up yesterday morning. We decided to do some driving, since we know that we're running out of time (two weeks from today we take the ferry to Wales!) and we want to make sure we see Giant's Causeway in the North, and of course a day in Belfast. And there's still lots to see along the way. But we're going to have to start being selective.

Didn't take many photos during the drive, because it all looked like this!

Max, parked at GPS 54.3186, -9.345676

We arrived at Downpatrick Head and found a perfect free overnight spot with a view of the cliffs and the rough seas crashing up against them. Fantastic! So many beautiful free overnight spots in Ireland!

Here's our drive the last couple of days...

Downpatrick Head has a nice cliff walk, and some blow holes that apparently are really spectacular during winter storms. No storms happening yesterday, although it was windy with a bit of drizzle when we went out to have a look.

This large hole leads to a sea cave right in the middle of the little peninsula.
They put up barriers in 2014.

The Downpatrick Sea Stack.

A sign says that there used to be a natural bridge leading out to the sea stack, and people in ancient times used to live up there, but it is largely accepted that the arch collapsed in the year 1393.

Lots of sea birds living on this side of the rock.

Ruth took this photo of me taking the photo above this one!

Cliffs at Downpatrick Head.

People fishing!


Looking north.

Woke up to rain again this morning, but it's supposed to clear up this afternoon before raining some more tomorrow. High temperature about 18C (65F), but the overnight low isn't much different. Quite comfortable.


And in Canada...

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