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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Travel planning and the weather

As full time travelers, we do a lot of our planning around the weather. The ideal for us is to have shorts and t-shirt type of weather with daily high temperatures between 18C and 25C (64F to 77F).

The problem for us is that we also want to visit countries that are outside of those parameters! So we sometimes have to bite the bullet and put up with temperatures or weather conditions that are less than ideal.

We were in Norway at this time last year. While we managed to get out pretty much every day, it was cooler and rainier than we would have liked. We were kind of expecting the same during our Ireland trip, but we've been really lucky so far. We've been six weeks in Ireland now, and the weather has been far better than expected!

But this coming winter we're planning on SE Asia. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. That area. So we're aware that it's going to be warmer than what we normally like, however we're hoping to be able to get to some higher altitude locations in those countries where it might be a degree or two cooler. We'll see.

We actually got some rain yesterday morning. They had been calling for it for the past few days, and they were finally right. We sat in the motorhome for the morning just relaxing, but did manage to get out for a walk afterwards.

The afternoon turned into a gorgeous day!

We left Max on the hill overlooking the bay and walked up to an area where there were some caves that showed on the app. We've learned before that when they show a cave on that app, you never know what you're going to get. It might be something worthwhile, or it might be some kind of rock overhang. This time, we did a six kilometer walk to see this...

Well they didn't lie. It's a cave!

But not accessible. It was surrounded by a short rock wall and was just a hole in the ground. It looked very deep though. Couldn't see the bottom!

Back at Max, we decided to do some driving. If we're going to make it back to Dublin by the middle of July, we need to get going!

We ended up at a railway commuter parking lot just east of the city of Galway. Not scenic, but very quiet overnight. Joined by a rental motorhome. 

Our route the last few days.

The city of Galway is not motorhome friendly, but we think we've found a suitable spot to leave Max that's about a 3 km walk to the central area. Looks like another beautiful day, so we're going to explore Galway today. Calling for rain the next few days after today though. Maybe they'll be wrong again.

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And in Canada...


  1. It's good to let Max spend more time alone. That way he'll be used to it :)

    1. Max is pretty used to being alone now, I don't think he will have issues anyways he may not be in our care by then.


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